Community Building October 8, 2020

Up to 523 members on Local SEO Community now

Davis Baer @DavisBaer

I've been able to grow Local SEO Community to 523 members:

I feel pretty good about the rate of growth, but I think it could probably be faster.

If you were me, what would you be doing to grow the number of community members, and also increase overall participation?

Appreciate any and all advice!

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    Are you using Mighty Network to run the community? I really like the look and layout of the site.

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      Thanks! It is actually run on Circle (

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        Have you enjoyed Circle so far? I've been comparing different community apps and haven't landed on one yet.

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          Yeah, it has been a good experience so far. There are a few minor bugs here and there, but support is super responsive to any feedback or suggestions.

          What kind of community are you launching? What platforms are you considering?

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            I want to start a community around people launching ecommerce businesses on Amazon.

            Hometown Industries Coaching

            Thank you for the feedback on Circle! I've spent some time looking at the Mighty Network, Disqus, Slack, and Discord.

            Haven't settled on one just yet.

            523 members is super impressive. You're clearly doing a lot of things right! Keep up the great work!

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              I think you need to consider whether you want the content in your community findable via Google searches.

              On Circle, you can set your community as "Public" so anyone can find it and all posts are indexed by Google, but it still requires visitors to signup if they want to comment or post.

              With Slack or Discord, none of it is indexed by Google, so SEO from the UGC of the community can't be a growth channel for you.

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                Okay that's helpful to think about! What are the main channels people are discovering your community on?

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              hey guys, we are working on a platform for building communities. A bit different from circle and mighty in that all users need to pay a small fee to join a group. You decide how much, It could be just $1. Money goes directly to your Paypal. We don't take a cut, but charge a small monthly fee, maybe $9 a month as we are just starting. Is based on a thread system, a combination of FB groups and Reddit. You cant run it on your own domain, but you benefit from great SEO (our expertise) and getting users from other groups on the platform (Have in mind how many reddits you subscribe to, or the number of FB groups you have join). We are going live on Monday. We will be adding chat with Slack format and an automatized newsletter generator (based on the most liked threads for a week). Let me know if it sounds interesting! Consider a couple of hundred users / $5 each.
              Here is a sketch( a bit old now).

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                This is really cool! I really like the sound of that automatic newsletter generator. I think the way Indie Hackers sends out their automated newsletter for groups you're subscribed too is one of my favorite features of the site. It goes a long way in keeping people engaged with what's happening in the community and keeps them coming back to the platform.

                Can you send me a link to your platform?

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                  Will send you a link soon! Just completing the front-page now.

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