Update on my design service: Got 24 interested startups, and I haven't even launched yet!


Since I have posted about my new design service for indiehackers and web startups, I've got a response from 24 of them from all the platforms (mainly on email and Linkedin).

Link to old post: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/after-scaling-to-six-figures-as-a-designer-im-starting-my-own-design-service-for-indie-hackers-ee023e5537

TLDR; I said I will be selecting 3 startups to work with and design their website.
I wanted to give a full insight on how this will work.

For my new design service, I want to try a subscription model. For the three startups I chose, this is what the benefits look like:

  1. Figma Website Design - Free
  2. Webflow Development - $1200 (one time) or $600 per month
  3. Unlimited Support - Free
  4. Unlimited Design Revisions - Free
  5. Featured in my upcoming design service landing page (my current portfolio gets 2K-5K daily visitors and its not even fully launched yet)
  6. Lower than market rates for Webflow Experts (Big Time)
  7. 2 Day project delivery
  8. Cancel anytime (on monthly plan)
  9. Top quality work (I've won several CSS Design Awards)
  10. No bs contracts.
  11. Start Instantly - 0 Formalities

TOTAL COST - $1200 USD (one time) or $600 per month (paid monthly)
DELIVERABLE - Full Marketing Website (that converts)

I have spent quite some time researching competitors, pricing and quality, and this sounds like a gold mine for any startup with a MRR of over $500 USD. Again, this is NOT a sustainable business model for me, so I will only use this as a marketing technique and chose 3 startups to work with.

For the rest of you, stay tuned for a full landing page and revised pricing and thanks for all the support!

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