March 18, 2019

Update on progress and "octopus question"

luxpir is back, this time with a new model and new branding.

I've been building this project (solo dev) for way too long, with life and work generally getting in the way of being able to dedicate enough time to it. I haven't given up though, because there is still a gap in the market for a decent human-vetted translation platform. Think TopTal, etc.

What's been done:

  • Front page redesign - now featuring COLOUR
  • New copy incorporating AIDA, PAS, value focus
  • New subscription model (vs old self-service model)
  • An octopus has appeared. Should it have?

Any comments on any of the above welcome. Check it out:

Plan to promote now is through community building (Youtube, Discord) and a good deal of how-to and other useful content.

I'm actually planning to talk about other things I'm working on (trading bots, personal finance, static site creation, among others) in a bid to spread the word. Everything will be sponsored by Linguaquote, and hopefully a community of like-minded people will start to form around me and, by extension, the brand.

Has anyone done this, or do you have a strong opinion about it?

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    Disclaimer: I've never thought about hiring a translator so take these comments with a grain of salt.

    I would come up with new copy for the title: "Your Creation. Your Translation." Your title tag is more clearer to me: "High-end translation by vetted translators" than the h1 tag

    Second, the pricing seems a bit odd- the cost per word translated is:

    Starter: .149
    Regular: .1396
    High Frequency: .1498

    Which I think should go down as you spend more per month?

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      Thank you!

      The price was an oversight in planning for middle plan to be the most popular. Have adjusted words offered (increase) to maintain the discounting.

      As for the title, I get what you're saying. I'm trying to follow some advice and base it on how "solution aware" visitors are when they come looking for translation. Will bear your comments in mind.

      Thanks again :+1:

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    Just a minor feedback. The green on the buttons in the pricing is a bit aggressive and the white text on them isn't that easy to read. I would use the same green that is in the illustrations (check mark and plants).

    Also, I would replace the red text in the footer with the pink color from the rest of the page.

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      Thanks, Jeff. Saw it on a buddy's Dell monitors last night and he said the same. Will tone it down!

      Well noticed on the footer vs rest of page too - the hotter pink is a recent addition. Will roll it out all over.

      You didn't hate the octopus then? Doesn't make a material difference?

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        I honestly didn't even notice the octupus on first pass, put it seems like something extra that was just added. It is very disjointed from the typeface. I would either go just with the text or invest a few hundred dollars, work with a designer on 99designs or somewhere and get a real logo made. (I have had success working with individual designers on 99designs as opposed to doing contests)

        1. 1

          Thanks. Appreciate the feedback! It was a placeholder initially then I started to like it... But yeah, something original/more striking would be great.

          Other changes made btw. Will keep an eye out for your posts to see if there's anything I can offer back.

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    Oh - still to come:

    • screenshots of the dashboard
    • potentially a video walk-through
    • more mention of solo-dev aspect (works for others I hear?)

    Hoping to keep building more meaning and explanation into the landing/front page.

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