Updated our landing pages, would love feedback!

Hey all,

Finally decided to upgrade our landing page for CommSponsor from the Carrd page we were using initially. Nothing against Carrd, its an awesome tool for getting something live quickly.

Would appreciate any feedback, specifically on the main page (https://commsponsor.com/) and the 'For Companies' page (https://commsponsor.com/for-companies). Is what we're building clear?



  1. 2

    What you're building is clear.

    Might want to add what fees you charge for company/community.

    If you have any testimonials that would be the one thing missing.

    Look forward to reading the complete about us page.

    2 quick questions if you don't mind :)

    What did you use to create the landing page?
    Did you pay for it?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! Definitely need to add the fees as well as testimonials. I should get around to doing the about page today, thats been a placeholder for too longer.

      I designed and made the landing page myself.

      1. 1

        Did you think about using templates or using a website/landing page builder?

        If so why didn't you?

        1. 1

          I used Carrd.co for the original landing page, but wanted more control once I had time to dedicate to making it myself. I'm also enjoying working on it, so I don't mind that it takes me more time.

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