Updated salary negotiation tool from your feedback and now 100% free during beta

I’ve completely revamped my salary negotiation tool, SalaryPOP, from feedback received here and by other early adopters. To get to a point where this product can provide actual value for users I’ve completely opened it up during beta and it’s now 100% free to use.

I’d love to hear anymore feedback you have if you take a look and thanks for helping me get to this point!


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    I am a software guy but I haven't distinguished myself to where I can demand whatever salary I want. I have to stay within the bounds of what "the market" is willing to pay. I would find a lot of value in a tool to determine what I should be asking for if I want to ask for the very high end of sane.

    It seems like this might be better suited to someone who wants a guided tour of how to prepare for asking for a raise. Is this tool helpful for me in figuring out if I am underpaid?

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      Thanks for the response! You're spot on in that it does provide value for those who need hand-holding in how to present their negotiation and what to include. As of now it doesn't provide any analysis on your current salary, but hoping to bake that in if/once I get access to several salary data APIs that are private. There are a few other sources I've found (mostly IT career salary data), so I may also be able to start there.

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    A couple of feedbacks:

    • “See why using SalaryPOP to negotiate your salary can result in a pay raise more than 3x the annual average” -> is this supposed to be a link? I actually still don’t understand how using SalaryPOP can help me getting a pay raise.

    • having a sign up form and sign button on nav bar seems like a bit of overkill. I’d recommend to let users read the landing page first and decide if it’s for them. Or else, I might bounce at the form.

    • the value prop can be better. Users won’t care how easy it is to start with SalaPOP. The “Justify your market value” is the best of all four value props.

    • After reading the landing page, I am still not 100% sure how SalaPOP will help me negotiate. Is it a two-sided tools where I can communicate with potential employers?

    Congrats on launching btw! :)

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      Great feedback! I agree, struggling to portray the value prop currently. For context, I started building this after myself and my wife were aggressively negotiating our salaries with our employers every 12-18 months and while our body of work and its value is the true driving force behind a successful negotiation, having a clearly defined presentation (like the one here in the demo) of what we were attempting to negotiate and why has helped us both increase our salaries with our current employers well above the average merit increase without needing to jump ship. These presentations have also been well-received by our managers, especially when sharing with others up the ladder in order to showcase our value add and gap in current salary compared to what we are producing.

      I'm hoping to gain API access to several platforms like Glassdoor (private API) and others in that space to provide more functionality around helping users define what their market value may be. In the meantime, I'm also working on partnering with content producers on how to effectively negotiate one's salary using the presentations that are generated in SalaryPOP.

      The presentations created can be shared with other users through invitation by email so that in theory your manager or whomever could access them through the site, though I'd recommend negotiating with them in person first and then sharing access after so that they can refer to the presentation as needed.

      Will work on ironing out the value-add more and thanks for the support!

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