SEO September 12, 2020

Updating a landing page vs. blog posts

Alessandro Bernardi @bernardamus

We want to curate some content and share some statistics, what do you recommend to do so that we can get better SEO results?

One option is preparing a landing page where visitors can go back from time to time to see updated data / content .

The other option is just publishing new blog posts with the updated content.

What is working better for SEO?
  1. Update of a landing page
  2. New blog post
  1. 2

    Optimising the landing page should be done often.

    Of course you can also add it to a blog post and share.

    1. 1

      Often = ? Any frequency recommendation? I guess that you refer to change some texts etc. even if for example there is not much that we can update in our landing page ( , that's why we wanted to prepare another page like to update some fresh quotes or statistics , without touching too much the main information of the Home page

      Thanks for your feedback!

      1. 1

        Early stage every week.

        Then as you go you will learn less and less, so less often while you focus.

        But then you hit scale and then can ab test. So every week again if possible.

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