URL "Spring Cleaning" • How Many Domains Do You Have?

Totally inspired by @rosiesherry's post, I'm cleaning out my "domain closet" and trying to kill any subscriptions for unused domain names... and domain names that I know I don't have time for, at least realistically.


I'm a recovering domain registration addict but I still could do without a handful of them!

I'll go first... I presently have... 45 registered domains at the present time, 43 sit in one spot and i have 2 elsewhere:

I'm sharing this because it'll help keep me accountable to trimming it down this week!

Gasp... okay, your turn!!

How many domains / URLs do you have (and how many do you want to get rid of)?

How Many Domains?
  1. 1-5
  2. 6-10
  3. 11-20
  4. 21-50
  5. 50+
  6. 100+
  1. 3

    The way I justify it is this.
    I give myself one year to turn the domain into something.
    If a year later I've done absolutely nothing with that idea, I let it lapse.

    1. 1

      i do rotate through. the problem is i have quite a number of projects that now redirect to a number of places... i try to eol them after a few years... it's hard to track though.

    1. 2

      lol... what's the number?

      1. 4

        There is 145 in my account but a fair number are domains I manage for other people. Still >100 are mine.

        I purchased my first domain in 1998 and still own it 😊

        1. 3

          Let them go, I had a domain for my name. I dropped it for the younger generations.

          Do I do the math right, at worst case this hobby costs you >$1450/year.

          1. 3

            Did the math too, it's a taxable expense for me, and I've sold a few in the past that has more than covered the costs.

            Also, the majority have functioning sites attached to them, not just hoarding domains 😀

            1. 1

              good point on the taxable expense.

          2. 1

            that's the low-end!

        2. 2

          that's is really cool!! i have some very old ones as well.

  2. 2

    @8bit I am shook at you having 45 domains😂 I thought I was bad with around 7/8 but you take that 🏆

    1. 1

      not a source of pride. i need help.

  3. 2

    I am somewhere around 20+ right now, but Have had more in the past.

  4. 2

    Around 100+ domains but most of the are for same name but different extensions (.net, .com, .app etc.)

    1. 3

      you have... a lot of self-control. GIMME.

  5. 2

    You gotta be kidding. I saw 100+ in the answers. What are you people doing.

    I have only one domain, bought recently to sell domains. 🤯

    1. 2

      don't get sucked in!! you're still safe!!

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