Use a quiz to net new subscribers and generate more sales

​Use interactive content like quizzes to grow your subscribers and generate sales.

Jen Olmstead of Tonic Site Shop did this, netting over 2,000 new subscribers and generating over $20,000 in sales within two months of launching her quiz. She spent $0 on ads. To create a quiz that benefits your business, do the following:

  1. Create a title and description for your quiz that captures your target audience’s pain point and hints at a solution.
  2. Write quiz questions that lead back to your product.
  3. Create shareable outcomes that provide value and offer a peek at the solution you provide.
  4. Require an email address to access quiz results.
  5. House the quiz on your website in several different locations (such as in a sidebar, in your navigation, in a hello bar, and at the end of blog posts).

For further assistance in creating your quiz check out products like Interact and Quiz Maker.

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