Growth June 1, 2020

Use Quiz Funnels to generate leads

Gordon Frayne @gordon

I came across some great examples of how quiz funnels are scoring brands lead sign ups and wanted to share.

Why use Quiz Funnels?
→ Quizzes are a fun and engaging lead grab for potential customers.
→ They are a quick way to get more information on potential customers.
→ You can segment users based on their quiz answers.
→ You can then recommend specific products for different segments.
→ They convert extremely well if you help your audience learn something about themselves

How does it work?

  1. Create a quiz that appeals to your target audience.

Ensure your quiz answers a question that your target audience is actually concerned about.

Here is a great example from Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi

  1. People visit your site or see your campaign and take the free quiz.

→ eg: SaaS — “How much money are could you save using this automation? Take our quiz to find out.”

→ Personal Development — “Take this quiz to see how productive you are and get a free productivity checklist”

→ E-commerce — “Find the perfect gift for your girlfriend + 15% Off (Free Quiz)”

Warby Parker use Quiz Funnels to great effect, allowing customers to pick bespoke glasses.

Warby Parker

  1. In order to get quiz results, users must enter their email.

The quiz funnel qualifies them as a lead and allows you to segment them on your email list.

Two key factors to remember when creating your Quiz:

  1. Provide irresistible value for your audience. It has to be worth it for them to take the quiz and opt in. (Just like in Ramit Sethi's example above)
  2. Ask questions that will allow you to meaningfully segment the quiz-taker. (Just like how Warby captures user preferences around glasses).

Have you ever used quiz funnels for lead generation before?

  1. 2 is a great tool, not only for quizzes, but you can use it for free with some limitations

  2. 2 - free quiz builder with 100+ templates

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      This looks neat @Enmoore. Thanks for sharing!