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    100 customers is a solid business. You can live off a 100 customer business or find a buyer.

    I'm running this challenge w/ Indie Worldwide. We'll form up into master-mind groups and work to grow our businesses together.

    Tuesday we'll have a kickoff event with weekly check-ins thereafter.

    It's not an easy goal, but it is an achievable goal. Join us :)

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      "You can live off a 100 customer business or find a buyer."

      Depends how much they're paying you each.

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        Of course 🙂

        But if you can get 100 customers you can get more. You're well on your way at that point.

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    I'm in! Growing 24hourhomepage.com, the internet's best time capsule advertisement.

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      the super awesome website it is!

      (side note: felt like messages on the left-hand side were scrolling too quickly, took me few seconds to figure out what the website is about. may be keep 5 second instead of 1? just a personal opinion don't take this seriously! )

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        Thanks @onerinas, I appreciate your feedback! I'll work on the timing of those messages!

        One question, what do you mean by "may be keep 5 second instead of 1?"

        Again, thank you for your feedback!🙇‍♂️

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          That was me assuming the text on the left side is scrolling 1 per second.

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            ah, thanks for clarifying! yeah, I'll test some different timing of those messages. I recently sped it up to try to get to a "social proof" faster but there is a middle ground for sure. thanks again for your feedback! 🙌

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      Just saw your signup 💯 Love your concept, it's a modern million dollar homepage!

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        Thanks @AntCas! I'm LOVING Indie Worldwide right now. Energizing community 👌

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      How do you plan to motivate people to come see ads ?

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        Great question, @tomsihap! A number of strategies actually:

        1. Creative content from big brands. Some companies love quirky marketing and their customers love them for that. One strategy I'm encouraging them to do is to "hide" coupons or promotional material on the site and encourage their audience to "find" it on the site. Another is to exploit the "timelessness" of the site. EG: Company Foobar is an international entity that has been in business for 80 years. They plan to be in business for another 80+. Their ad links to a page that shows the face of every employee that has ever worked for them.

        The more people that tell others they've "hidden" content on 24hourhomepage, the better.

        1. Get to 1 hour of published content then do a big marketing blitz. Buzzfeed, Forbes, tech bloggers on YT, Insta, TikTok, etc.

        2. Talk about it everywhere. I've been doing weekly updates of my progress growing the service at https://higgins.medium.com. The tinyletter digest is here: https://tinyletter.com/higgins. Speaking of which, I'll be giving a talk about this at https://js.la on May 27th.

        Thanks again for your question, happy to answer more!

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      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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        Thanks @IndieHacker77777. You know, given your username, UTC 21:36:17 (aka the 77,777th second of the day) is available. I sent you a message in the Indie Worldwide slack group if you want to know more! 🏆

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          This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    Nice I am signing up with https://workoutplan.app a workout tracker that prides itself on being easy to use 😎

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      Really cool. I was looking for a similar app. 👍🏻

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        Thank you I have more features planned 😎

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    Great timing. Just launched two products - Astrola | Dack and returned back to IH. I’m nervous, but think this will be good for me to get my marketing hat on 😎

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    Love the vision behind this!

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    Great idea! I will try to do the same with https://asyncgo.com. We have free users now, need to figure out how to get them to convert.

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    Joined! Does anyone here have a Firebase Apps and want to sell it on a WordPress platform? Be my customer! Integrate Firebase PRO 🔥🔥🔥

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    Wow, this looks really interesting. I'll be following it!

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    Well, let's do this.
    I'm joining in with the same a similar idea, slightly different execution at with https://growthmind.club. Where I was focusing on matching people with mastermind groups.

    Anyway. I think this is a very interesting implementation.

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      Welcome aboard, and thanks for the tweet too 💯

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    This is perfect timing! My app https://pettycash.app was just approved on the App Store yesterday.

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      Seems nice, if there is a OpenAPI integration to my banks I would definetely use it.

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    Joined! It's a new product... and would be glad to see 100 users in 100 days. https://liprospect.com

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    Just signed up! Launched today and hope to get 100 users to grow https://referralrocket.co.

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      Cool product, I’m pretty sure I could use it in my own project... You can count me in as one of your 100 users! 👏

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        Gerade gesehen, das du auch aus Deutschland kommst 🤘 Was ein Zufall!
        Ich habe dir gerade eine e-mail geschickt.
        Falls du Discord hast kannst du meinem Serve joinen, da können wir besser reden: https://discord.com/invite/PbbUY7byUj

        Ich möchte dir nochmal ein riesiges Dankeschön geben🔥

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      Seems promising. 🙌🏻

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    Very cool and great timing for me. I’m in!

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      💯 Thanks Ben, you in?

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      Welcome aboard :D

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    Please suggest me this hack.
    Recently we introduce a team collaboration software known as NuovoTeam.
    Product URL: http://nuovoteam.com/
    I need more signup and a genuine user.
    How can I get it?

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    This is a cool idea. I don't have a "paid" version of Social Remix yet, so I can't really join. Would love to join one of these when we do have a paid plan in place though!

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    I'm in! I'm creating tools for self-development :)

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    Wow, just signed up with https://retable.io

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    Thank you for creating this, Rosie!! I just signed up. Just the motivation I needed!

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    This sounds really cool!
    However, I plan to launch my app in 20 days (hopefully 15 :D). Can I join this way?
    In other words, I will definitely focus on getting paying customers after I launch (right now, I do have about 200 non-paying customers)

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      You can still participate, but it may be harder. Or you can collect pre-sales before launch 😀

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        Thanks, in this case I'll pass.
        There's no way to collect pre-sales - I haven't written the code for it, and it makes no sense.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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