October 23, 2020

Users dont buy? What can i do?



we built a saas project. 10 days after launch we got 700 users. But just 6 people is using pro version.

We did not allocate any advertising budget, we reached these numbers in a completely natural way. How can we increase our paid members rate?

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    A little friendly advice :) I dunno about most people here but if I see a post like this and I can't find a link to your site or product to view, I lose interest immediately. Also, there could be potential customers for your product here.

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      There are definitely times when posting with a throwaway is warranted, but if you can, avoid blank pages in your profile at all costs.

      Speaking of which...

      HelpStay is such a cool idea Shay, and I'm glad the vintage furniture thing didn't work out for you. Have you thought about positioning it as a service for digital nomads? It seems like it would be perfect for them, and they're easy to find online.

      Imagine if it was a filter on https://nomadlist.com/

      P.S. It looks like you have a broken pic here

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        Thanks for the feedback :) and for pointing out the broken pic too, it's fixed now, much appreciated :)

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    In 10 days since launch, you got 6 paid users and you think no one is buying ? I would say that is a great start. Don't expect 100s of paid users magically. Talk to those paid users. Find out why they converted and work on your marketing further. It is only 10 days. The biggest virtue in entrepreneurship is patience but bit by bit execution. Continue to work on organic traffic by doing content marketing and other organic ways for now.

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    Either the people stop using the platform because they don’t like it or it doesn’t solve their problem, or they keep using it.

    For those that keep using it, if the free version is enough, then there is no reason to buy. Give them a reason to upgrade.

    Now for those that stop using it after a while, you have to figure why they stopped using it. This is not easy most of the time.

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    Hey, can you refer us to your project? It'd be very helpful if I saw it, so I might come up with some useful + insightful tips. Anyhow, these stats of yours aren't all that bad. I'd say you should start hyping up your project and work on social media or SEO presence (it depends on the type of project, the theme, the audience). Start doing so organically, just to gain up the trust and credibility you want your product to have in the customers' eyes - this is a crucial step.
    Besides that, you can go ahead and start establishing and studying your potential audience - it's important to set up the right campaigns that target the right users, in order to drive high quality traffic to your website. Last but not least, consider personalization of your platform - use user data and behavior to create custom content which can stimulate enhanced engagement of users on your website, which may encourage conversions. For the last two, twik could be a perfect match as a personalization & automation engine. Good luck!

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    a 1% conversion rate after only 10 days is pretty good.

    you don't need a throwaway account to ask for advice about this. own it. you're off to a great start.

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    Talk to the 6 paid users and find out why. Also figure out which step in the conversion funnel that people stop. I agree that more context would be helpful :)

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    "Users dont buy" is not an accurate statement as you already said 6 people already bought. Correct statement is "my activation rate is less than %1", how can I improve it? The fact that you made your first sale in 10 days after launching! and it's not good enough? what were you expecting?

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    Two things you can start doing immediately are 1) reaching out to current users and ask why they haven't upgraded to the pro plan, and 2) set up some a/b tests to optimize conversion rates.

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      our product is like a training platform. they say they are busy.

      basically what can i test?

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        If you really want to talk to them, you'll find a way. That's your most important job at this phase.

        basically what can i test?

        Hard to say with the limited amount of info given but if you have a website you could start by coming up with some alternative landing pages/layouts and test which one works better.

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    Swap the free version for new users with a 30 day money back guarantee paid version.

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      Should users pay without seeing the product?

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          No, so how can i turn free version to 30 day money back paid version.

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            Could let them use as guest (no long term data saved) or give small finite time to try system. Then move them to 30 day money back. Map out different options. Guess the best option. Try. Measure. Could time limit or feature limit or alternatively keep free, grow grow grow then sell sell sell. But without details around project and your situation ...

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