April 20, 2019

Using voicemail to get customer feedback

Alex Cook @aacook

I've had a nice win the past couple weeks, rolling out a new way to collect customer feedback: Voicemail.

My product is NanaGram, a service that helps you mail monthly printed photos to your grandparents by text or email.

My three biggest channels for customer feedback are automated reviews, user interviews, and through doing my own customer service (by email, phone, and text). But it's been tough getting feedback from a segment of my customers: photo recipients.

After some experimentation, I figured out a way that works. Now I'm getting 2-3 voicemails per week. I wrote about this on my blog where you can listen to the voicemails.

This seems like the kind of thing that could work for other products. Voicemail is nice because I don't have to be on-call 24/7. People dial in expecting to leave a voicemail. It's also been fun writing thank-you notes to the folks leaving me voicemail which creates a secondary stream of feedback and customer love.

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    That's a very interesting idea! I'm thinking people are much more likely to leave a voicemail message than to type it out (people of any age). I'm guessing they'd be much more honest with their feedback as well - they're talking to a machine, which may feel like telling a third party about an issue they may have.

    Just looked at your site as well. What a fantastic concept! And, nicely executed!

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