Design and UX May 23, 2019

UX Test-Drive Exchange

Max @mmr

Who's in this situation?

  • you developed an app or service
  • you're so familiar with it that you can no longer tell what is intuitive to a user and what isn't
  • you'd rather not launch an open beta to your target group because you know there's no second chance to make a good first impression
  • your friends already helped, or they just aren't potential users ("would you mind checking out my weightlifting app, mom?") so you feel bad asking for their time when there's nothing in it for them

If you (like me) are in this situation, let's exchange fresh eyes and an hour of our time to test-drive each other's services and report our impressions.

Leave a comment below with a short description of what your service does in practice (not a pitch), with any special requirements, so that I or other would-be test-drivers can ensure there's no blocker to helping. For example, my service sends web pages from a computer/smartphone to an e-reader/tablet, so you'd need an e-reader or tablet to test-drive it.

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    I'm happy to help you with testing.

    Also, used to offer some free user testing sessions, so make sure to check it out. I can't find that offer now, but here are few alternatives: