Validate My Idea: Backlink Displayer

Hi Indie Hackers community, I would really appreciate it if you could validate my idea. It's a shame that I can't attach pictures to show you concept pieces, but see a description below:

Some of the articles I've written on a publication that I own have received backlinks from Forbes and The Guardian. This got me thinking that online entrepreneurs work really hard to acquire backlinks, but have no way of "showing them off".

The Backlink Displayer tool would take an article that has received important backlinks, and in the right-hand side of the page display a piece of text such as: "This Article is Referenced By Forbes".

This social signalling could actually help articles received more backlinks if other writers see that a reputable source has already linked to it.

I would really appreciate any feedback on this so I can validate it prior to writing any code.

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    How will you do this on scale and automatically?

    Will you crawl the internet every month to gather backlink information?

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    Hey @Bissy, did you follow through with this idea? I saw that you are working on something else but I was curious what happened to this.

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      Hi @ajascha, no I didn't end up following through with it and got distracted with another project. Is it something you're interested in working on yourself?

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        Not directly. I am currently looking into the backlink space though and was wondering what happened to this project. But I don't want to bother you with it if you have moved on already – good luck 🤞

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    It's technically very doable. I'm not sure anyone can "validate" your idea though. The market will validate/invalidate your idea. If you're asking if there is a market for you idea, you should ask the community that would comprise your customer base. I'd simultaneously try to do price research by asking them what it would be worth to them.

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    There are SEO tools and Google itself used to let you search for backlinks. If one of those tools has an api you could totally build this. It's kind of like when twitter tells you who has retweeted your tweet. I would want if I wrote articles.

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    you will need to build a Google scale crawler minus the Google scale budget...

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      You could probably just use something like https://ahrefs.com/api/ to pull the highest ranked backlinks.

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