Ideas and Validation January 12, 2021

Validate my idea


A platform to help you manage GDPR deletions.

Most businesses use tens, maybe hundreds of tools and services. There's customer data in each one of them.

When a customer asks to delete their data, you have a legal obligation to delete their data from your systems and the tools you use.

It's a nightmare to carry this out in practise.

GDPR Deleter to the rescue. It keeps track of all your tools in one place, and when a customer needs deletion, it takes care of it for you.

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    What are the chances that most potential clients would want to share passwords or third-party access to their data with a contractor? I wonder if sharing access to the data with an external agent without the consent of each owner of the data is allowed by the GDPR.

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    I guess this is a wrong place to validate. Sure, we can all say it's a great idea, but as Indie Hackers we don't usually have to deal with that.

    A better header would be, Please advice how to validate my idea.

    I love it that you have practically a copy for your landing page here. Just run PPC for a few days and see how many leads you'll get.

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    GDPR is a pain, I would guess it would be super hard to integrate into all the systems and processes to make this happen. Also, from limited experience, at least in my context, it's actually rare that people ask to do this.

    At Ministry of Testing we've had like 5 people request it.

    That's my initial reaction, at least.

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    Great idea - what experience do you have in doing this?

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