April 8, 2019

Validating an idea — Tech partner for Startups

Filip Komnenovic @filipkmn

So I know this isn't the most Indie Hackers thing to post about, but I really need some feedback because I feel a bit lost at the moment.

The story... after about year of working on the side I just recently became a partner at a small (10 strong) development studio. My main job is to make the studio grow into a healthy 20 man studio... meaning I'm here to build culture, do some local marketing, build a better process, and most pressing for me — find new clients.

I've previously mostly done product management for startups (Semaphore.ci, alchemy.cloud, TeamSketch.io) and some small products for bigger companies (Globus.ch), so I know how it looks on that side... but finding clients is something that's new to me completely.

What we want to do is to be a product partner for startups — a studio that can build the product from the ground up from and be a real technical partner that's gonna be there from the MVP to the mature phase. Currently, we have 4 products that we're building and they all came in as referrals.

So my question is... how do we find new startup or small companies that need a development studio to work with on building a product?

P.S. we're building products of our own - I can't get out of building product sand letting them in the wilderness... so expect a lot more question on that


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    A good place to start is local developer events. Especially those for startups. Everything from 1 million cups to meetups. Get to know people first than mention what you do in terms of solving a problem.

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    I suggest you to do the following:

    1- Signup your team here: https://youteam.co.uk

    2- Once you close 4 projects, make a profile at https://clutch.co and ask your clients to add their reviews. For me and many other Clutch is the most trusted source for hiring Agencies and Studios.

    I Hope this helps!

    Wish you the best.

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