May 8, 2019

Value in startup and VC emails?

Chris ✌️ @mrchrsdl

I've amassed 3k+ emails for early-stage startups that raised capital over the past 18 months (as well as many VC emails). Thinking of charging a flat rate of $49 to access. I've seen other products that are much more expensive. Thoughts? Would this be of value to you in pitching your services or raising capital?

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    Are they hiring? I'm looking for a frontend development job

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    $50 for 3k emails is okay, but they aren't super focused.

    Was your method for obtaining them scalable? If you had another month could you grow it to 10k emails? Just curious because if the list keeps growing maybe you could charge a monthly fee for access or something.

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    Hello seem to have lost me somewhere...

    Your thinking of charging 49 dollars to access early stage startups that have raised capital ?
    Why do I need that...?

    As for VC's you can find that for free on the web

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      Companies that have raised money pay for services. E.g. if you sell to marketing tech companies it facilitates the process of reaching out. Great list! There's no email contact info though. What's the intention? For people to reach out via LinkedIn or search for email themselves?

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        While there is no does give you names and locations..some of the work has to be done yourself

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        Oh, emails are for purchase

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