Vancouver Based Fintech - whatifi - Looking for FT Co-Founder

Hey gang - starting the hunt for a Co-Founder to add to our team.
Vancouver BC based bootstrap fintech; whatifi.io - we're a highly visual, low-code, financial scenario and projections platform that makes it easier for advisors and consultants to visually and collaboratively build scenarios and share them with their clients. Think Lucidcharts meets Excel.

Currently three founders but we are all part-time and rebalancing (I personally put in 30-40 hours per week on top of my day job). The other two founders (one ex-Splunk, the other currently Microsoft) are going to shift into more of a consultancy role (developer and fractional CTO). We have one full-time dev, one full-time co-op student, part-time designer, and two part-time front end devs. Been in development for 2+ years now.

Core tech is in a great place. Pre-revenue. Doing something very different and breaking all of the stair step rules. SaaS. Next beta launch in three weeks.

Looking for Full Time founder, ideally with a background in growth, fintech/financial concepts and sales. Some coding would be great but not a requirement.

Website - www.whatifi.io (best to check desktop as the mobile site is sloooow and needs some attention)

**note - if you check out the beta on the site, it is 5+ months old. Next beta is 2-3 weeks away and a substantial iteration. Happy to demo on request.

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    Hey guys, from Montreal, been a private lender for 3 years with a large network of users and looking to expand it into a company I'm calling Later Financial. Let me know if you know someone that'd like to join, looking for techies mainly.

    Pleased to meet you guys on the West coast :)

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    Hi Jon, i'm currently working for fintech startup based in paris. i joined when there was version 0.0.2 and now we have multiple services offering, raised some funding. let's get on a call and see if we are a good match

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    Hi there! Ive done fintech products before. Had a few qs. Have you guys worked on customer chats? And how does your team currently ensure everyone is building towards something that people want enough to pay for?

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      Good questions. Bucketloads of customer chats and customer discovery. Advisors, consultants, individuals, decision makers at credit unions.

      How do we ensure everyone is building towards something people want enough to pay for - this one is genuinely a bit more tricky. We are more of a "category creation" type product that requires a certain level of critical mass before the value prop kicks in.

      Been fortunate to be in the finals for a couple of Canadian fintech competitions and have had access to their braintrust (banks and credit unions). Still not a slam dunk - but the signals are good.

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