November 9, 2019

VC Twitter Detox


This morning, I unfollowed a bunch of VC people on Twitter.

Seriously, I feel healthier.

Switching to an information diet that has more IndieHackers. It's a bit like switching from processed foods 🍟 to eating local 🥦.

Much ❤️ to the community here, and may you have a very productive day working on the projects you love.

  1. 7

    Any favorite indie hackers that you like to follow?

    1. 6

      Right now, that would be

      They all do such a great job of talking about what they're doing, as they're doing it! And some of the usual suspects, of course: @levelsio, @lynnetye, @johnonolan - definitely missing some others.

      1. 1

        Love this list. I noticed that I already follow all of them :D

        Are there more that you/others recommend?

  2. 3

    What did you find "unhealthy" about the VC people?

    1. 3

      Idiot echo chamber

      1. 3

        Haha. Yeah. Wondered if there were specifics but know what you mean. It’s like every tweet is the most profound piece of advice / market insight that there ever was. Then you see a different one say the same crap with a few words rearranged

        1. 4

          Exactly. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great people who are doing some original thinking in the VC Twitter-sphere (or at least, it seems original to me - and I still follow them). But then, after that tier of original thinkers, it's just noise to me. And around that noise, there are hoards of acolytes that treat everything that anyone says in the VC community as gospel. So, lots of low quality stuff gets upvoted through the roof.

          The other thing about VC Twitter - underneath most of it - there's so much vanity. Just rich people fishing for likes - like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, they have worshipers obsessed with every word they say. So they say stupid things.

          Here's one tweet that I think embodies the worst of VC twitter:


          1. 3

            Being told "you're completely wrong", when the original question is

            "What is your least popular but deeply held opinion on tech/startups?"

            is a little bit much.

            (to be fair; I like Keith Rabois, and I agree with his post almost 100% -- but I also disagree with a lot of what he says, which is fine + good, and how it should be).

  3. 2

    Same here! Their parrot tweeting and "post-mortem analyses turned into insight" was making me sick.

    Unfollowed a bunch of them and my feed feels much cleaner.

    I'm also seeing more posts from people actually building businesses, which is 100x more valuable.

  4. 2

    Ha! I've done the same!

    1. 1

      🍻 to healthier thoughts!

      1. 1

        Yes, brother! I too have found indie hackers/makers so much better to follow and engage with. What's your twitter? I'm @theSoloFoundr

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