Vegetable AI /Update

We create first AI based veggies and fruits subscription.
Need feedback, please check https://GetVegetable.com

Thank you


  1. 1
    1. Message is clear ✅
    2. Name is clear ✅
    3. No bugs ✅
    4. Color scheme and branding both are nice ✅
    5. You need to open "About us" page for max shipping destination ❌
    6. I don't see anything about AI, and what it could provide on this kind of site. Analyze my preferences of what ❌
    7. You could remove password confirmation by adding "Show" and "Hide" buttons right after password field. No one like to repeat. ⚠️
    8. Auto-fill friendly. Dashlane doesn't work for example ❌
    9. E-mail confirmation topic is "hey". And it is not make sense. ❌
    10. "shipping adDress" ⚠️
    11. "Save" button in profile too big ⚠️
    12. "You need to add payment card!" message, instead of window, where i can fast provide requested information ❌
    1. 1

      Thank you very much, such feedback will be very useful, we are starting to make changes, I hope you will again give us feedback when we make changes.

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