Video: how to find software development leads using LinkedIn

Hey guys!

Starting a new YT channel for Wiza.co and would love some feedback. Is this useful?

Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBYSL9WGYKw

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    Well presented and informative. Which software did you use to make the video?

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      Thank you, appreciate the feedback!

      For desktop recording I used the Loom Chrome extension. I'm a huge fan! We use it to explain things to colleagues or communicate with clients. You record a quick video, then the shareable link to it gets automatically copied for you to share (or in my case download the video).

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        Thank you sir - I'll check it out

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    Great vid. Really good sound quality. Love the bloopers reel at the end!

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      Appreciate you taking the time to stick till the end. Those bloopers were 3/4391 - you won't see me in Holywood anytime soon :D

      O and the mic is a $50 one from Amazon, very happy with the quality too!

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    Does that work with non-Sales Navigator Linkedin account?

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      It does not. However you could either A) try their free 1-month trial or B) user other sites that offer technology filters (Angel.co, Crunchbase), copy those company URL's and then find their emails with a tool such as Hunter.io.

      Bit more manual work but worth it if you're on a budget. Let me know how that goes!

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    Great tip. It looks useful. Anyone have used this strategy that can provide some success rate?

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      I have tried it in the past for clients and with success, however it would be great if anyone else would try it and comment on it.

      Don't expect any miracles or a silver bullet, however the more relevant your outreach is the higher your chances of success. On average 3% of your audience is currently in-market for what it is you're selling, you just need to maximize your chances of finding these people.

      It's a strategy that can help you gain traction when starting out or fill your pipeline when business is slow. However I would always advice (from experience) to also keep looking at other, more organic channels.

      Good luck!

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