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Video of real person on my store - How to?

Baptiste N @NotBatou

Hey there,

I'd like to show a video of a real person to my visitors. The goal is to create empathy with them.

Problem: I'm not comfortable recording myself.

Question: where can I find someone who does it for me?
I would send a script and expect a 30 seconds video in return.


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    Baptiste, offer skill exchange. Ask someone here to record a video for you in exchange for your skills/help/product

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      That's a cool idea!

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      Love the idea! Thanks @CrowdProducers
      Any website that proposes that?

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        Message some video creators randomly on IH / Instagram / Twitter?

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        Baptiste, that is actually the idea I am working on at the moment:
        You can pre-register on the website to be a beta-user. But I am not even near my product launch as this is an ideation stage and I am looking for a programmer to partner. Good luck with your skills exchange and your project :-)

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          Nice! I'll take a look very soon! Good luck :)

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    If you don't have a friend/family member who'd do it for free, you can check out:, or to hire someone.

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      I actually checked on Fiverr and Upwork but it is at least $200 for a short video. Unfortunately it is too expensive for my budget.
      I'll check on though! Thanks!

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    What kind of video are you looking for? Just someone in front of their webcam talking?

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      That's correct. A video of a normal person talking fluently and presenting my products + the story of my brand.

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        I recently stumbled across where you can pay celebrities and "celebrities" to make short custom-made videos for you. Maybe you can find a minor Instagram personality who will record your video for $40. Or you can randomly message some on Instagram. Maybe that will get you higher quality.

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          Cool tip! Thanks!
          I knew Cameo but thought it was only for super famous celebrities, so prices would be out of my budget.

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            Glad to help. If you give it a shot, please let me know how it goes. I'm curious. :)

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