Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2019

Visual Testing Tool - Landing page and product feedback

Tobias Lins @tobiaslins

Hey :)
I'm looking for some #landing-page-feedback and #product-feedback-request for our Visual Testing Platform called Axcept.

We are targeting QA people and freelancers and want to provide an easy way to get into visual testing. It's possible to write and debug tests directly within the browser.

Any feedback appreciated, thanks! :)

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    Hey man, I really love the style. The clean, light colour palette, soft blacks etc are superb. The animations/illustrations are nice too.

    I think the only criticism I have is, how would I use it? Is it a case of uploading Jpegs to the site, and it analyses it there? Or is it a code-focus thing (I notice it talk about code at the bottom. ( I just noticed in the google-tab it says screenshots, but that still doesnt clear up screen shots of my design (from sketch, for example), or built website)

    Also, I would love some examples of what the software actually looks like, before signing up.

    But honestly, that is about all from my quick once over. I love the design and it is very well polished.

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      Hey! Thanks some great feedback! Thanks for taking your time!
      There is a video in the header and docs to see everything from test creation to preview and execution within 3 minutes!

      It works like that:

      • you add a endpoint of a site/app you want to test
      • you create a test (click & screenshot validation)
      • if you run the test for the first time you can set the screenshot from the validation as a „reference“
      • if you start a test run again, it will compare the result with the previous set reference
      • after a test run you can go through all changes to set new references or skip unwanted changes!

      Hope its clear now. any idea how to bring that over easier?

      Thank you! :)

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    I really love a lot of the design. The graphic with the screens moving in a concentric fashion is extremely satisfying to watch. The only constructive criticism I can provide is that the "Capable throughout" section looks a bit stranded. I don't know if it's because of the font sizes of the load of white space around it, but I think that you could accent that part of the side more to bring attention to the features. That is why people are there so I think that it's safe to showcase it. I hope that helps!

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      I find myself agreeing with the observations about the "Capable throughout" section. I would suggest to try with 2 columns and consider if you can reduce the number of features. Personally as I go through a landing page I do not usually take the effort to read entirely the bullet lists.

      Anyway I really love the idea and the animations as well! It was really easy to understand what you're offering.

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      Thanks @johnlukeg!
      Our designer @Timo already got the feedback regarding the throughput section. We try to do better there soon! Thanks :)

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    I passed on to the QA lead of where I worked and he asked me if this would be good for mobile? I guess he might be bothering you at some point.

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      Thank you for forwarding :)
      What do you mean exactly with "good for mobile"?
      It's possible to emulate devices like on chrome but not directly run on a specific device.
      If you want to check all features of a responsive webapp it's a perfect fit! Feel free to use the chat on the homepage if you have further questions, or here ofc !

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    As others have said, the design is solid. There are some great animations in here. Looks like some time was invested in this.

    Here are some thoughts.

    I've move the "beta" tag out of the headline and maybe put it next to the logo instead. As part of the headline, it just feels out of place.

    I don't know that the headline is working hard enough. Who is everyone? Can the PM do this? Can the CEO do this? Can the intern do this?

    If you're targeting QA and freelancers, speak to just them. Put something in about the need for visual testing. I used to push our QA people to test for visual changes to the UI and would hear all kinds of reasons why they didn't do it. Tap into those reasons and use a headline that addresses them.

    The animation in the hero is nice but it isn't solidifying the message. I didn't get it at first.

    This bit of copy explains it best:

    "By visually comparing screenshots, Axcept helps you to spot every difference. No matter if it's an unwanted UI change or a broken feature."

    I would make that front and center. Tailor your headline around that. Something like:

    "Catch every unexpected UI change"
    "With Axcept, everyone can build tests – even if you're not a developer."

    The copy "Testing for the whole family" really threw me off. It felt like a playful attempt but the word "family" feels out of place. "Testing for the whole team" may work.

    I agree with the Capable Throughout section. I'd remove it.

    The final section - "Ready to step up your UI?" doesn't sound like you're selling a testing tool. Stepping up your UI sounds a little more like you're selling a UI/design framework. Visually testing your UI is more about catching unexpected visual updates and saving time. Your tool seems to provide that benefit with the added benefit that it's easy to use.

    Overall, I would update the messaging so that it points out the fact that QA can easily perform visual testing to overcome the hurdles of painful test frameworks.

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      Hey @dmontooth!
      Thank you so much for the great feedback. We already went through all points today and we can just agree with your points. We will update our site soon.

      Thanks again :)

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        Awesome. Good luck with Axcept. Funny (at least to me), after I commented, I deployed some code that created a visual bug and thought about how I should be using Axcept. There is a definite market.

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    Great landing page and seemingly great product.
    I would have totally used this back when I was a junior developer adding tests with Selenium for the first time (hard to debug, brittle, etc). I assume this works with CI?

    One good marketing/sales tactic you could try is going through potential customer’s key flows and letting them know if there are any visual errors or bugs. I find issues on key flows of fairly major products while recording for Page Flows so testing is clearly not a solved problem, even for bigger companies. Good luck!

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      Thanks @Ramy
      We had exactly the same thought. Thats why we created Axcept!

      Your marketing idea sounds great! Do you think a public view of our test runs would help there aswell?
      Like we create key flows like you mentioned and we could share them with public links to our platform to showcase! We also thought about porting cypress tests automatically!

      Thanks for taking your time!

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        That could work too, worth a try for sure

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    The design is absolutely great.

    I watched the demo vid and either I am not the demographic or I am just completely missing whats going on, however, I didn't watch it with sound. @kjparker had really good points about the workflow.

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      Thank you for your feedback! :)
      we will create a better video with text explaining each step. thanks!!

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