May 17, 2019

Walkthroughs of popular SaaS products Signup, Onboarding, Upgrade, Cancellation Flows

Scott Becker @sbecker

Has anyone come across a resource that documents the common UI flows of popular SaaS products?

Such as How does [Asana/Basecamp/your-service-here] do onboarding? Team setup and invites? etc...

The value would be for startup founders and product designers as quick reference material as they design and build their own products.

Does it already exist? Would you find such a resource valuable? Would you pay for access to it?

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    In case you haven't run across it, UserOnboard ( is a terrific resource for this. It's broader than just SaaS, but there are a number of SaaS apps and Sam does a great job of going in depth.

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      Thanks @buttondown - I have come across UserOnboard, but definitely could go through the case studies in more detail.

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        For sure — and am excited to check out Page Flows as mentioned by @gutosanches!

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      Wow great resource, thanks

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    I think it's a valuable service for sure. Apart from the already mentioned UserOnboard, there is also Page Flows by @Ramy and unlike UserOnboard it has paid plans, so perhaps that demonstrates that there are people willing to pay for it.

    What I like the most about UserOnboard is that they give tips on what each onboarding does right and wrong. I personally learned a lot from it.

    But it's not because it exists that you can't compete with them. Competition is healthy for the market, and certainly in this case the more the better 😁. Maybe start by covering products that UserOnboard and Page Flows didn't cover yet for instance.

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      Thanks @gutosanches and @Felixg for mentioning Page Flows. This was the kind of thing I had in mind. Looks great @Ramy, nice work! Subscribed!

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        Awesome, this is the best community! Thanks for subscribing. Let me know if you have any feedback or requests 🙌🏼

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      Thanks for the mention 👍🏼

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    Check out PageFlows by @Ramy. I use it every now and when I need inspiration for some more complex UX flows. It's easily worth the money.

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      Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you’re finding Page Flows useful 😊

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    Found another good resource along these lines, for saas flow email copy:

    This site, curated by Front, collects the text copy from various SaaS's transactional email touch points.