Wall art generator, a good idea?

I'm a first-time indie hacker, looking for my first product. What I've come up with is an online wall art generator. You select a style (or styles) of abstract art and a few colors. It'll then generate your own custom art print, which you can then buy. What do ya'll think? Would you use this?

Here's a video demo: https://youtu.be/jQljdLyS87s

Technical details:

  • under the hood it'll use programmatic art (art created following simple math rules) and machine learning (there's been recent developments in neural nets in this field).


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    I decided not to follow thru w/ this. Here's why for posterity: Forgot that my brother is a small business owner who is also active in his art community. So I asked him for some advice and we came up with some customer profiles for people who would be interested in Abstractly

    1. Anyone wanting to upgrade from Ikea (but doesn't have the budget for custom art). Ex: young adults, couples just getting started, soccer moms/dads on a budget, etc.
    2. More discerning art connoisseurs who shell out hundreds of dollars on custom art work.
    1. prefer buying art from artists, not a website. So they're out. 1) want more than just abstract art. For instance, they want to be able to "decorate their house in modern style". The problem is that the technology just isn't there yet, that's why I had chosen abstract (and possibly surreal) art. Neural nets cannot yet be told "paint a dog and a bike in X style".

    So for now this project is on hold.

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    It seems like a really cool product. Does it actually work that well? Would love to see some more examples.

    I don't know if I would use it, but seems like something the PH people will enjoy.

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      Thanks. I added an Upcoming page: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/abstractly

      Yea. That's actual processing code. Haven't made any more examples but it sounds like maybe that's next step

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        Oh yeah forgot to mention, "online wall art generator" is a bit confusing. I thought it generated online art, but it seemed like you were actually printing this stuff out for people to put on their real walls. There's probably a less confusing way to word that.

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          Just "wall art generator"? wall art generator for print?

          FYI, PH has been kinda disappointing. At the end of the day, I think what I need is my own platform (aka lots of twitter followers) so that I can get (more) feedback. Maybe also good SEO and some targeted ads.

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            Yeah just "wall art generator" would be fine. The online is understood.

            Did you already launch on PH? But yeah, building your own audience is always the best.

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