Want help on growth/marketing/sales?

Hey IH!

I wanted to give back recently as I have benefitted a lot from the IH community.

I'm open to hopping on calls with anyone from IH to give advice on marketing/sales/growth.

I recently did this with a few people on IH and other startup communities. One founder grew his sales by almost $10k in a couple of weeks after implementing a few of my suggestions, and another was able to gain a lot of insights on feature development after I provided some strategies on maximizing user feedback and has been able to grow their userbase much more rapidly.

Since I realized this has been really impactful t the people I've talked with and has allowed me to meet a lot of cool people, I'd thought I'd open it up and do some more chats :)

My background: I've co-built a few startups, some of them are bootstrapped helping them grow to 6-7 figures ARR and 2 ended up being VC-backed. I code and do software dev, but a lot of my focus is on product/sales.

If you are building a product and would like help on how to get more users, grow revenues, and advise on marketing/sales, feel free to comment below and I can reach out to set up a time with you

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    Hey, our team has already build one software for LinkedIn automation. now we are developing higher version of that software (https://linkedfusion.io/), It would be so great to discuss.

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      Hey monika! Sure happy to help. My email is in my profile, feel free to shoot me an email with some info on your business stage and we can arrange a time. Btw very cool product :) Linkedin is a fantastic channel and your solution looks great

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    Hey @hacker3544 I'd love a chat since we're currently in the midst of figuring out our marketing plan for Komende (https://www.komende.com)

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    Hey I am in the US. Own an excellent domain name and looking to grow online presence and increase revenue. Would love to chat [email protected]

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      hey! happy to, could you shoot me an email? my email is in my profile. if you include info on your business that'll help give me some context to better help :)

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    Hey @hacker3544, this sounds great! I'd love to jump on a call sometime this week to chat about Pathfix (https://pathfix.com)

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      very cool idea! integrations made faster is great. can you shoot me an email with what stage your business is at and I can set up a time? my email is in my profile

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    Hey, I'm on UK time but would be great to pick you're brains about growth. I've built a number of products in the past but always failed at the growth/marketing stage.

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      sure! feel free to shoot me an email, my email is in my profile

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    hey, our team would be interested, see our calendar here: https://recomind.io/#contact

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      sure! feel free to shoot me an email, my email is in my profile. btw love that you are working in the ecom space :)

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