Community Building November 24, 2020

Want more community members? List your community here.


I made an aggregator for online communities, Hive Index. If you'd like to grow your community, add a comment with a link to your community and I will put it up!

Also, if there are certain topics that you'd like to see listed that are not currently on the site, let me know and I'll create it!

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    Such a great initiative. is a private community for indie product makers and founders run by me. Hope your visitors will like our space.

    A few hackers I have spoke with here: by @yaroslawbagriy by @charlierward by @LVRSNFRNDS
    Fazier (Discord) by @FalakDigital by @mijustin by @DavisBaer by @momoko

    Plus many helpful ones here, here and here.

    Right below the hot topics space you can list all communities or the trending ones. Many will prefer seeing all that without having to click further, I have seen most websites display like that too.

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      Thank you for mentioning ❤❤❤

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      Hi Dinakar, thank you! I've listed Coulf, and joined it too! Excited to be a part of the community.

      Also thanks for the other community recommendations, I added the ones that satisfy the submission criteria. Will likely be adding featured communities on the homepage. For now, I want to encourage search as much as possible, so I know which additional topics to add to the site.

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    Nice project. I'm running a similar one called Community Finder (

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      Hey @annadante great work on Community Finder! You've got a wonderful list of communities, and I'm really impressed by all of your content geared towards community builders. Keep it up!

  3. 2 is a private community for digital indie founders and bootstrappers.

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      Wow, Indiestack seems like an awesome community, I listed it on the hive index.

      I also signed up for the waitlist. Your landing page is among the best I've seen for an online community, I couldn't help it!

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        HiveIndex just gave me a great idea on how to better improve the community with 1-on-1 membership pairing. We have a custom solution we're building and this is a great feature for that!

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        Haha thank you so much for the addition and also being on the waitlist! We should have a few more spots soon here.

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      Ah thanks! I updated the number, must have looked in the wrong spot for that number.

      Let me know when opens it's community, I'd be excited to list it! Is this it?

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    Great idea! I run Enter Network — a supportive community for European early-stage founders.

    Basically we're a community of entrepreneurs, 'wantrepreneurs', and freelancers in different niches and different stages — but we all want to help each other, hold each other accountable, and learn from both the group and outside experts.

    I specifically focus on Europe because I feel that a lot of the startup world is US-centric. Plus, I've seen that a community like this really helps in actually connecting to people, even during a lockdown.

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      Thanks Jochem, I listed Enter Network on the Hive Index. I like the emphasis on European founders, you're right that so many founder communities are US-centered. I'll be adding a location search at some point, will make sure that European founders have an easy time finding your community :)

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        Thanks a lot thefedoration! Really appreciate it. Just a small sidenote, we do offer discounts and perks to our members (10+ startup deals, including copywriting and software development work).

        But the site looks great! Do you have a monetization model in mind, or is that something to consider in the future?

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          Neat! I updated the listing to include the perks feature for Enter Network.

          Not looking to monetize this project at the moment, but just trying to make a useful resource for people and grow the content on the site. If it takes off and I have to actually pay hosting fees to maintain the site, I'll likely monetize by having sponsored listings for paid communities.

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            Thanks again! I understand, hope the website will be used by many.

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    Looks neat!
    I'm building a collaboration network for B2B SaaS founders and marketers at

  6. 1 is a platform that connects students with mentors at top universities to get advice on choosing universities and applying to college.

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    Building a privacy-minded platform for product/hobby communities in February 2021! Please sign-up at

  8. 1 I sent an email to [email protected] and your email bounced. Not sure if your DNS settings are up to date.

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      my bad - I had a stale email on the site. Have fixed it, and also have put up TimeKeeper. If you'd like any updates to the content, feel free to email [email protected]. Thanks!

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    Hello ! is a community in the making. It's geared toward data addicts, ( hackers, data journalists,... ). Right now I am focused on introducing suscribers to interesting content !

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    Might fit the bill, we're building Tech Eye.
    Really just a bunch of project managers, product people, software developers and all round startup folk, with the aim to help other founders (and each other).

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    I tweeted this 2 days ago and got 100 replies from people building communities:

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    Looks great! I run Propel (, a community for builders and future builders. Would love to be added to the list.

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    Piptwitz is an online community for traders trading the financial market.

  14. 1 - it's more a newsletter than a community atm, but that will change very soon.

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    This is a great idea, thanks for creating this. Bookmarked it.

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    I'm the founder of TimeKeeper LLC ( we host service based communities on our website social network and mobile app exchange platform. We are actively looking for communities to collect feedback to improve the product. Check us out and let me know what you guys think.

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      Thank you so much for the mention 🙏, really helps when it's a community of 40 and new. 🙌

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