Looking to Partner Up April 4, 2019

Want to build the next b̶i̶g̶ sustainable thing?

Praneet Bhave @MartechSaas

Looking for a co-founder. I personally know the space really well - growth marketing - having worked with SAAS companies focused in the same area.

Vision - To help consumer businesses drive user driven growth as the world is shifting from Brand ads --> Users themselves as micro influencers..

Progress till now:

Problem identified ✅
15+ real customer interviews till now. ✅
Need has been validated ✅
Clickable prototypes of the solution ready ✅

Will be trying to close a few customers early on (invested by money or time) in the build cycle itself so that we can get their inputs and build what our customers want.

I am looking for a technical co-founder to bring in the technology expertise required to build this product. Ideally someone who has worked on SAAS products before & is solid with architecture.

I am also looking at agency options to get this built. But my ideal I'd love to have a co-founder on the journey so that the tech from the start is in-house, to be able to have a thought partner to brainstorm together & share the emotional journey too :)

What I bring on the table:

  1. Product thinking & innovation
  2. Sales & Marketing experience
  3. Knowledge about how SAAS is done & sold
  4. All round hustle - do what it takes
  5. Capital :)

If you are interested in hearing more, and more detail, reach out in the comments or email me at [email protected]


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    Sent you an email

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    Hi there! I may be interested. Have a look at my website https://cs-syd.eu and contact me if you are too.

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