April 5, 2019

Want to develop software like a ...someone the coolest?

Eugene @spcont47

Hello. My name is Eugene and I am a businessman in software development technology. I provide services for the creation of software development offices in Russia. Being a projects director and a businessman for about 10 years, I create very effective teams that develop software of any complexity. I have a great technical background in business management, as well as practical experience in development management. All the largest IT companies in the world use the outsourcing services of russian companys. It is no secret that a large number of highly qualified specialists are concentrated in Russia. It is no secret that the creation of IT products in Russia sometimes costs up to 10 times cheaper than in the US. It is no secret that intermediary companies such as EPAM and dozens of others simply resell the work of Russian teams to American and European clients several times more expensive. For example, 1 year of work of a small office costs 400 thousand $, depending on the specifics, but the investment valuation of the product being developed for the same time is more than 2.5 million $. Profitable, isn't it? I create for customers a reliable and transparent business that is fully controlled and meets the most modern requirements in software development. My work includes all stages of creating a Russian business from scratch in your interest. The business created by me is protected from all risks and the new owner only provides its projects and controls key milestones. Everything is completely legally and protected by lawyers.

My services will be useful to any company that: wants to save resources on software development; does not want to pay intermediaries several times more; fears to create a business in an unfamiliar environment on their own; looking for opportunities to efficiently and reliably use available resources.
I will create an office that meets any requirements and become your reliable partner on the technical
side. Own Russian office with a team of professionals is simpler than you think, just contact me and we will start cooperation!

Telegram: @ p r e l e a d

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