Want to start an e-commerce company? Here are Shopify's top 90 most successful stores in 2021

Who's killing it on Shopify? See the top stores' traffic stats, growth, metrics, facebook ad spend, revenue and more!

All the data comes from the fact that Shopify stores are on the same underlying IP. That gives you a massive list of stores which I query against SimilarWeb.

From I can directly see growth metrics and I can estimate Revenue and Facebook Ad Spend.

Key Insights:

-About 30% have direct traffic as their main source of users (means they have a loyal following)
-80% are actually down in Jan because Q4 is massive for ecom
-3 Mens-focused companies are growing like crazy (vitalproteins, taylorstich, toddsnyder 100% avg growth over 6 months)

See the full list:

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