Wanted to learn Flask, ended up building a webapp

So I was dabbling around with Flask the other day and decided to build something that I would’ve loved to use when I was trying to find a good name for my startup - a database of all the available one-word domain names out there. It’s a pretty straightforward idea but somehow I’ve never been able to find a resource like this online so I decided to make one myself. Hope you guys find this tool useful, and I would love any thoughts/suggestions on it!

If anyone is interested in a write-up of my build process, feel free to let me know in the comments - for context, the entire webapp took me a week to build, and though I believe I have my prior experience in Python to thank, I still am amazed by how fast it took me to build my first-ever full-stack web app.

Link to project: https://www.oneword.domains/

Oh also, I’m planning to launch this on Product Hunt this weekend and would love some support from the amazing IndieHackers community - if you'd like to help, please sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page so I can send you an email when I launch!

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    Yes, flask is awesome. Can you share how to make flask based website to load faster?

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      1. Cache all your static files like css, javascript , pictures using CDN like S3 + Cloudfront
      2. Cache your database query on redis, so that it loads faster.

      I'm a trained engineer.

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        Thank you very much

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      Flask is amazing, I love how lightweight and scalable it is. As for your question, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, but I'll let you know when I find a good solution for that!

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    Nice idea. I like the sleek frontend design. What do you use for the frontend?

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      Thank you for the kind words - and sorry it took so long to get back to you. I used vanilla JavaScript and some JQuery + the good old HTML5/CSS3 combo for the frontend - nothing too fancy, cause I wanted to stick to the basics. Hope that answers you question! :)

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    I will always upvote stories like this.
    You wanted to learn something and built a product while you were at it. Awesome!

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      Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, Gabriel! I agree - this is the best way to learn a new skill/programming language, and I cannot wait to do it again!

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