Podcasters October 22, 2020

Ways to build a Podcast Audience

Aleks Sokol @Aleks_Sokol

Hi Everyone,

I host a podcast (Combat Thoughts Podcast) with a couple of friends on culture and philosophy of martial arts where we interview people and ask about their martial arts stories, but also have discussions between the hosts on deeper topics.

One of the things we have been struggling with (having started in February this year) is that we are not really building an audience and the progress seems extremely slow. We post all the updates on our instagram account as well as facebook, incorporating all the right hashtags etc. but it doesn't seem like enough. We post the podcast both on Youtube and streaming services.

I was wondering what are some of the tools that you have used to build an audience and perhaps if there are any tips you may have on expanding it.

Thank you!

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    do you spend time on Reddit? r/martialarts has 100k members. I wonder if there is a way to tap into that

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    Hi Aleks - I've found the Traction book to be super useful at thinking about growth channels. It's got some good tips on coming up with a strategy to find the channel that works best for your unique product.

    If you haven't given it a read, might be something worthwhile.

    Best of luck!

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