We Announced TinySeed's Spring 2021 Batch Today...

Many of you know that I'm the co-founder of TinySeed, the remote startup accelerator for bootstrapped SaaS.

Over the past several months we’ve worked hard to narrow the field of exceptional candidates who applied for our Spring 2021 batch, and today I'm proud to announce all 18 of them.

The good news is since we're now running 2 batches per year, our next application window opens in just a few months.

Here's the rundown of this batch + a video in which I had to stop in the middle to take a drink of water (I'm thankful for editing)...18 companies is no joke!

The focus of these startups ranges from UX research to security to architecture project management to legal services in LatAm. It's a pretty amazing group.

You can check them out here:


  1. 6

    This is going to be a great year for CloudForecast (www.cloudforecast.io). Looking forward to learning from everyone and be part of this little (but growing) family!

  2. 4

    NewsCatcher is really excited (and already a bit scared tbh) to join TinySeed S21.

    We first heard about TinySeed from @KevinSahin of ScrapingBee.

    For all devs of IH: check out our Free News API: https://free-docs.newscatcherapi.com/#introduction

    1. 1

      Newscatcher looks fantastic. Structure data from news articles can lead to so many awesome use cases.

  3. 3

    Senior Place is excited to grow through the TinySeed program so we can serve more placement agencies with custom-designed placement software (https://www.SeniorPlace.io). Looking forward to the next year!

  4. 3

    I'm incredibly excited for the next year. What a great group of folks. 💥

  5. 1

    I see one of our clients on the list, wish all of them the very best !

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