We are LIVE on Product Hunt 🚀🚀

Hey fellow Indie Hackers,

Having an audience is crucial for your Indie project to succeed but who has the time?

And even if you do... it's hard to come up with what to write.

That's why we're here with a NEW Version of Hypefury we're FINALLY launching on Product Hunt.

I'd really appreciate your feedback! There's also a free and ready-to-use Notion template on the PH page which holds 100 tweet templates and examples you can use to write better tweets that get more engagement.

Check out our Product Hunt page

Our FREE plan is also LIVE and allow you to:

  • Write and schedule tweets for up to 2 days
  • Get unrestricted access to the inspiration panel with near-unlimited tweets
  • Create your own timeline to quickly reply to people you want
  • Quickly respond to your mentions
  • Save drafts of tweets and threads

A lot of people here are on Twitter and we’d love to see more of you share your stories and #buildinpublic.

Let me know if you need any help in setting Hypefury up :)


  1. 2

    Looks amazing, gotta try it. Upvoted, good luck 🍀

  2. 2

    Upvoted 🚀 Good luck

  3. 2


    Heartiest congratulations on the launch.

    Love HF. It made me $$ last week on a launch. Can't thank y'all enough!

  4. 1

    No one upvoted my Product Hunt submission... I am jealous, lol.
    Good job gathering the crowd to upvote your product. I honest don't even understand what you are doing. But it sounds really cool.

  5. 1

    Just upvoted! Congrats on the launch! Out of interest, how has the traffic been? We're looking at doing a PH launch soon :)

    1. 1

      Thanks Harry!!

      Traffic was great but wears off quickly too. Signups went through the roof.

      Spend most of your time to prep on a game plan to get as many people as you can to upvote. It's less about how good it looks on PH and who hunts you (if any).

      1. 1

        Ah, very good to know. Would you be happy for me to reach out to you if/when we launch?

  6. 1

    Proud member of Hypefury!

    Can say with personal experience that Hypefury literally saved me tons of hours!

    I have run multiple twitter accounts in the past and tried many tools but this one the best tool I have ever used.

    The newest features just enable me to sit back and enjoy my day while my content gets going like a fluid....

    Also, their customer support is one of the best. You can literally request for a feature and these guys add it in a matter of few weeks!

    Highly highly recommended!

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