We are trying to focus our value proposition, does this make sense?

This would sit at the top of the site on the home page and users would be able to scroll down to experience the application without having to authenticate. Is this engaging and clear?


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    Hey, visited your site. Pretty cool. Especially around travel.

    Is "save time" really your value prop? I imagine it's also for people who just want to explore. Yes, it saves time, but the "value" I feel is possibly elsewhere. 😊

    This is just my thought but could be...

    Explore any topic with lists
    Discover and learn from 10,000 lists created by our community

    Of course, there's a possibility I've misunderstood! Just my 2 cents.

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      Thanks! We are debating the value proposition at the moment. The sharing and collaboration of a list can provide value for lots of different affinities. For instance we could focus just on travel, or students, or startups etc. but our dream is to create something more like Medium.com where anyone can get quality structured resources that are relevant to them, but still allow users to browse other topics. Getting that down to 1 sentence is proving to be difficult. "Saving time" probably misses the mark.

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        The travel was only something I happened to pick up on but I can see it being useful for other topics too, fyi. 😊 Would be interesting to see what people are drawn to most (via analytics, surveys and content) as it could allow you to focus for certain targets and understand why lists work better in certain areas/topics

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    Saving time is probably just one aspect of how you are helping people with this project? For some people it might register that the 'turtle' in listturtle.com doesn't invoke an image of speed and travel, necessarily. (Here is where I usually go way too far: ) I tend to look for agreement between the brand and the value propositions of it's products. Am I being anal-retentive? I had to look this up: "(of a person) excessively orderly and fussy (supposedly owing to conflict over toilet-training in infancy)"

    Maybe there's something to turtles that people are starving for after the incessant movement of internet offerings? Sturdiness, a sane level of velocity, taking your time, enjoying the trip.

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      I love this line of thought. It’s one that I share as well, especially the sentiment of “Enjoying the trip.” The Turtle moniker relates to a List in the sense that a List is consumed one item at a time just as a Turtle is methodical in its pace going one step at a time. We are playing with a new idea which I will extend based on these comments. How about:

      “List Turtle: organize your world, one step at a time”

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    Another version

    “Save time with lists that matter to you“

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    Is the organized knowledge the list of posts on your website? It might be good to have some image that explains that this is the case.

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      “knowledge” refers to the expertise of those who made a list - which is how it is “organized”

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    The subtitle is too long. How about Discover lists of meaningful things?

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      The subtitle is almost as long as the title. It could be much longer to explain it better.

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      What about “Discover lists that matter to you”

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        I like it. I would make this the title and in the subtitle I would explain a bit more how you are going to do that.

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