We Build Ecosystem On BitClout, Join Us

TLDR: I'll tell you briefly — about BitClout, my story, our projects, and our distributed team.

Hello IndieHackers!


BitClout is a new social network. It's a mix of Twitter and the stock market where every BitClout account has its coin. Accounts are stocks now, and you can buy and trade their stock.

BitClout runs on blockchain. Everything you do with BitClout will stay online forever.

This is a socio-economic game where you can make money from your brand or from the brands of those you believe in. For me, this platform is the next word in the blockchain world. A simple thing that almost any person can use, not just a computer geek.

Now no one can be sure about the future of BitClout. Probably, even the anonymous founders of the platform do not know if it's forever or disappears tomorrow. I prefer to think that this could be the new Facebook. It also might be a fail, somehow.

Right now, it's a very fast-moving place. It makes people move and create projects. It's both a very cozy place and at the same time very aggressive and competitive. People talk, meet, and begin to make friends. They cooperate and also compete for a place in this new world.


I'm 20 days on BitClout. My friend told me about this network, and I started a room in ClubHouse. Our room lasted for 72 hours. We had to close it. Otherwise, it would have turned into an eternal round-the-clock room (yes, I'm already an author of another 24/7 room like this at the ClubHouse).

I started with a goal to understand what is BitClout by asking others what they know about it. We discussed it with little sleep. At the end of 3rd day, there were 345 unique speakers and 12 152 unique users. There were experienced users and newbies, even BitClout investor @lordmax — Max Skibinsky, ex Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

My excitement transformed into the feeling of something familiar. And my ignorance transformed into knowledge. $nikmcfly coin has grown from $2 to $354 overnight. Its market cap is almost $20K at the moment.


We started to build different things. In 2 days, we did a private service to help people and onboard them on BitClout.

My friend Alisher gathered newly minted experts to form a media about BitClout, and I became one of the authors of ProBitClout.com.

With my colleague Dvorkin, we've built JobClout.me — the 1st job listing on BitClout (market cap = $59K). Its purpose of connecting BitClout's value to the real economy.

We also launched OhMyClout.com — the Personal Telegram Bot to track coins (market cap = $46K). It shows you all operations with your coin so that you can see purchases and sales. Or you can stalk on popular users. So you can also track favorite accounts for their coin movements.

Today we pre-launched CloutReview.com — a Chrome extension to review other BitClout users (market cap = $28K). So you can read and write feedback on CloutReview to instantly see everyone's reputation.

There are many other projects to come. We have more than a dozen in our backlog. And our team is growing steadily.


We have a vision. What we are doing is an ecosystem inside (and outside) BitClout. We bring value to the BitClout community. We see immediate feedback. Our ideas and projects are conceptually ahead of many others, but we need a little more resources.

We plan to launch more projects and coins. And then, we will show how one works with the other, dragging the overall network effect.

We are looking for other indie hackers to join our distributed team and build with us. You can take one of our concepts and build it. You can be a developer, a designer, a team leader, a PR person — it doesn't matter.

We will help you to onboard in our online coworking. We will help you to select the project. We will introduce you to other collaborators. And we will share our profits and success with you, of course, along with failures and errors.

DM me at BitClout if you want to work with us:


Disclaimer: Not financial advice. Do your own research.

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    So cool, you're a powerhouse @nikmcfly.

    +1 for the crazy, innovative, collaborative world of Bitclout. (But, very importantly, do your own research!).


    1. 1

      Milly, thank you for your comment. You’re right and that’s important, I’ve added DYOR as a disclaimer.

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