We created an app that helps you practice mindfulness during these stressful times. iOS Beta on Product Hunt!

Hello everyone,

My brother and I have been working diligently over the past year to create an app that can help people struggling with mental health or related difficulties (stress, anxiety, sadness, etc.) through promoting mindfulness in their lives. The app helps you practice mindfulness through a combination of research-based guided meditations, mindful journaling practice, nature meditative soundscapes as well as a cognitive behavioural component (helps with developing action plans for live's daily challenges).

The app has been tested for effectiveness in an RCT - randomized-controlled trial (gold standard of research) at the University of Toronto, Canada this year and we're about to release the app to everyone soon! Our research is currently undergoing review and will hopefully be published very soon.

We're looking for testers to help us identify any issues or bugs that may arise as they use the app regularly, and as a token of appreciation, we will provide a 1 year free subscription promo code when the app is launched sometime mid-February or earlier!

Thanks again for checking out our app and looking forward to your feedback. You can chat directly with me within the app using the "Got feedback or need help" button in the settings menu (accessible through the blue gear icon on the top right corner of the Home screen).

Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/serene-ios-beta

Thanks again for checking our post, looking forward to your feedback!

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