We have a SaaS with only a few user interfaces. Is this bad?

Our software is extensive and cutting edge, yet the UI exposure to the user is tiny. The product has a deliverable monthly, which is the point where the user enjoys the value proposition.

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    The phrase "The best code is no code at all" comes to mind. If the software gives value with minimal UI exposure, that sounds like you are "solving the problem" in a simple and effective way.

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    Honestly I don’t see it as a problem.

    If you take real world objects as an example, it’s like having two remote controls, one with many buttons and one with just a few.

    It’s not that the latter is less useful than the former, but they surely target two very different audiences.

    So the point is not how much UI exposure your product has, but if those interfaces help your audience reach their goals

    Hope this will be useful :)

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