Landing Page Feedback October 15, 2020

We have created a community where you get personal 1-1 feedback on what you are making and your strategies to make it profitable.

Future Founders @FutureFounders

Hi 👋🏻

We are looking for feedback as well as people who want to join us 😊

In this time where everyone is working remotely, we thought about making a community where people can work together in a small community to achieve their individual goals as well as find opportunities to work in a team 🤗 You can share your progress and get personal 1-1 feedback from community members on what you are making and your strategies to make it profitable. Everyone contributes to make you successful 😊 We are looking for feedback on the landing page and your thoughts. Please feel free to join us if you are looking for a small community and some of the best resources to grow together :)

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    You're selling thin air. No trial, no demo, no testimonials, but pay us 20$. You should give before you ask

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      Thank you for feedback. We will have some testimonials/demo from current members. What do you think about $20 for entry? We think $20 is not a lot for a month of engagement with community including our group calls. We think it's a good duration to judge the value from the community and if you want to continue to pay.

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        It doesn't matter what you think. People may think it's 5$ or 100$ based on value they think you give. And currently I can't even estimate that value.

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          After talking to more people we realised, they still don’t feel comfortable even after the testimonials. We ended up doing a full money back guarantee instead. Now, people can subscribe to join for a month, if they don't wish to continue, we will refund their $20. Thank you for your valuable feedback 😊

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    We have received some feedback offline and made changes to our landing page according to the feedback about what resonates with people more. Let us know what you think about the updated landing page 😊

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    So if I understand correctly you offer match-making services? And maybe mentorship? Is this a one-off price or can I get matched as many times as I want, say if I don't like my team, or if I want to work on another product? Are your 2-3 person teams always something like sales+dev(+design)? What happens if we don't get along?

    Also, why are mentors asked to pay to join, and asked to pay x2 more than others? What's the value for them?


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      Hi Ben,

      Yes, matching you with others to form a team is our long term goal. Currently, we do weekly calls to keep everyone accountable, share their progress and get personal 1-1 feedback from community members on what thier are making and their strategies to make it profitable. You will pay just $20 - $40 a month when you derive some value from this community, like joining a team, getting onto weekly calls and accessing our premium resources. We have removed the mentoring part from the landing page for now, but the idea is to have successful founders join us as mentors for our teams.

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        Ok, makes sense. Mentors are more likely to get paid than pay themselves so I think it was a good move to remove them.

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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