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We just got Hunted! Excited. Nervous. Advice for me?

We launched our product Slides With Friends late last year, and Chris Messina just hunted us! https://twitter.com/SlidesWith/status/1365260872847929344

We've been hitting some good milestones lately (first thousand sign ups, first few thousand bucks of conversions), but sometimes it feels like whether or not you succeed on PH is a make it or break it moment for so many.

Anyone else struggle with feeling like "if this doesn't go well — is my product meh?" And how have you gotten over that? If you have?

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    Entrepreneurs often ask "Am I making a fool of myself?" Here are questions to clarify your situation when you are starting to feel like a fool.

    • Why you? What key strengths and experiences do you have that the help to differentiate to your startup.
    • Why now? What trends are at work you can take advantage of? What recent changes have unlocked new opportunities or placed incumbents at a disadvantage?
    • What have you learned?
    • What unique assets have you accumulated?
    • What is not working that is making you feel foolish?

    My experiences has been that there are no "make or break" moments. There is no such thing as overnight successes.

    Don't embrace anxiety by focusing inward on success. Embrace humility and service: talk to your customers and understand why they value Slides With Friends. Fix what's broken and add what they are willing to pay for.

    "Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else, everything. And that's the way I live." Danny Trejo

    Read "So Good They Can't Ignore" by Cal Newport and invest in creating more value for customers and reducing barriers to adoption for prospects.

    Follow Octavia Butler's advice and "cultivate habits that enable persistence and learning."

    My $.02, your mileage may vary.

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