Landing Page Feedback August 5, 2020

We just updated our landing page. I'd love it if you could tear it to shreds, please 😁

James Tennant @JamesT88
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    On the whole it looks pretty good to me and I like colours and choice of font. The one thing that stands out to me is the photo in the hero section at the top which seems out of place with the illustrative style on the rest of the site.

    Good luck

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      Totally agree - we'll be shifting over to something with an illustration soon to fit in with the rest of it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hey James,
    great I've found this - we are focusing on content distribution now.

    I was about to test it to see if our team would invest into the product, but seems there's no trial.
    The landing page says "join for free" but when I started creating the account, it told me I have to pay.

    That's how my customer journey finished!

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    I like the site! My only critique:

    • I'm not a fan of the 'fill' color for the "Find out more" button at the top (could just be personal preference) and it noticeably does not fill the entire border of the button (I see tiny gaps in the edges)
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      Thanks for the feedback. I think we'll be losing that button anyway :)

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    The landing page is good overall - I agree with @daltonlp about the 'Find out more' button.

    To me, it makes sense to just have one CTA and not split your conversions - make 'Join For Free' a centred CTA and then add a small arrow at the bottom of the section with some light 'learn more' text. That can scroll the user to the next section.

    I would also switch out the images above Traffic, Visibility, Time etc. with actual icons representing those benefits.

    Good luck!

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      Great advice, thank you very much!

      I'll play around with a couple of things tomorrow and get back to you :)

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    I will tear one little thing to one little shred.

    There is a highly prominent "Find out more" on the page. And it does nothing but scroll the screen down a few inches .

    I see this on a lot of landing pages, and it bothers me every time.

    Overall, the page is solid. The member quotes bit is especially nice.

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      Thanks - glad it's looking OK!

      What would you suggest for the find out more? Just remove it? Add "scroll down to find out more" wording?

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