We live in a world where you have to be lucky to succeed

What do you guys think?

Most people on IH are here to sell something to make a living.
A seller trying to sell to another seller.

Its difficult. Its very difficult. While we were in school, others had completed and were building apps for android.

Now that we are out of school, where is the android market? Its dead.
This applies to the internet, to blockchain, to desktop apps, to a lot of other things

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    let me paraphrase that to, " some people live in a world where they have to be lucky to succeed ".

    As an African i can totally relate to this. I definately need to be exceptionally lucky to succeed in the environment i find myself, compared to my mates in Europe or America that already have a head start in life.

    The job market is pretty tight espcially for Africans seeking remote jobs, the learning resource/software is not readily available. I can go on and on but, its no body's fault.

    Indeed, some people live in a world where they have to be lucky to succeed.

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    Even if it is a world like you say, you don't gain anything by thinking that your success is dependant on luck.

    Life sucks, we all have our own problems. I think the people who get ahead are the people who regardless of their problems, are able to wake up every day and do something the believe in, regardless of things like luck.

    So for that reason, I disagree. Your life can be whatever you make it.

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    I don't think it's luck it's more not having a debilitating mental problem. I know some people who are very smart and talented and even competent but having one character flaw that holds them back. And everyone has a character flaw, but some are better than others. I think I could easily say i'm 'unlucky', but when I analyze it, I can see it's a result of some weakness.

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    I don’t agree with this statement. I think we make our own luck. Success is a numbers game.

    Coming from a background as In investment sales I learned quickly that the “lucky” ones and successful sales reps were the ones who made 100+ phone calls per day.

    They got regected a lot but persevered because they knew if they made 100 calls per day they’d make 10 appointments from which 3 people would show up and 1 would result in a sale.

    These numbers compound. And the more contacts you’d make, the more you could predict success and the more “lucky” it would seem to average reps making 25 calls per day.

    Sure some MIGHT make their fist call and land a $1m sale and in this case luck definitely plays a part, but this is an exception not the norm.

    To liken This to what most indie hackers do is simply to say that the more you put out there, the more sales leads you follow, the more projects you build, the more chances you take, the probable you will be successful. And the more “luck” you will have.

    There are very few “one shot” successes. Most successful founders probably went through 100 failures before getting “lucky”. Sure there are exceptions, but they don’t make the rule.

    @courtland has a great vide about luck, success, and let’s reverence on YouTube. Look it up: Courtland Allen Getting Lucky (I think)

    And before anyone asks: my indie hacker journey has been a complete failure because I am spending too long on my first idea because I’ve wanted for such a long time. But once it’s launched and if it fails, I have dozens more to put out. But I won’t be spending this long on the next ones.

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    I share your sentiment a lot. Yet, I believe you can find a new niche. To be "lucky", you have to actively expose yourself to it. Keep going!

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