No-Code July 13, 2020

We made a directory of Substack newsletters for makers, by Notion + Super

Nik McFly — @nikmcfly

Hey Indie Hackers!

We launched our tiny no-code product — @ substack.

@ substack is a directory of newsletters from Substack.

Substack is a brilliant platform for writers and readers alike.

But with so many great writers on the website, it's hard to find those who are.

It's easier now.

The 1st version made of curated newsletters, based on Notion + Super.

Curated especially for entrepreneurs, makers, and people in tech.

We are already working on the 2nd version to list and categorize all Substack newsletters.

Any ideas on how to make @ substack better?

Shipped by Shachaf Rodberg @shabeg and Nik McFly

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    Pretty cool! Creating a niche where Substack has failed. 😀 If you need more to add, my is great for makers

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    This is fckin gold!

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    Great resource!

    I built a tool that allows you to share this type curated directories without code using a Google Sheet, for example this a curated directory of freebies for designers

    You can go to to try it out.

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      Thanks, @lash we will check it out!

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    I thought was pretty easy to use. Maybe something that looks like that?

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      You mean that Substack's discovery is okay and you don't like ours?
      That could happen :)

      Or you mean that we should make our directory a bit similar to theirs?
      That is unlikely. However, the version with the full list of substacks could be.

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        I like both!

        Your tags are super helpful, but I like the usability of their directory with the preview.

        I think discovery of newsletters is still a super big problem to solve.

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    Would love to get MakerList added!

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    This is cool.

    Of ypu guys want to add mine.

    Here it is.

    For web developers and digital designers.

    A weekly newsletter discovering new resources and articles for web developers and digital designers to supercharge your productivity, creativity and thoughts.

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    If you want to add mine - rosieland.substack 😊

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    This is very helpful for makers. Thanks!

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    This is fantastic! @nikmcfly

    I built my site on Notion and used Substack for newsletter. Would it be possible to be part of your directory :)?

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    @thelandofrandom @richardchu @Michael_Andreuzza @rosiesherry thanks for your Substack profiles! We will definitely check them and consider to include to our directory.

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      Thank you !