Meetups May 9, 2019

We met up in Berlin on Tuesday!

Johannes @joke

We had a lovely meetup on Tuesday evening. Lot's of tea and some beer :-)

Around 15 people joined. Half first-timers, half veterans. That's about the ratio we always have. The attendees were very international as well: From Germany, Poland, Croatia, Israel, and Australia.

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    @joke - any chance of organizing something for mid-June?
    There a large WordPress conference (WordCamp Europe) so this might attract other IHs to Berlin.

    Personally, June 19th/20th would be great.

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      Thanks for the hint. We already created an event on June 3rd so another one for that month would be too much.

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        Understood! If, for some reason, you need to reschedule, keep that week in mind.
        I'm sure lots of IHs will attend the conference anyways.

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    Hey cool where was that?

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    If you do one over October-January I may be interested in joining. Going to be in Berlin over that time. How do I get subscribed to hear about it?

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      We meet once a month so you should have a couple of opportunities to join us :-) We have a meetup group as mentioned. We also publish the meetup here on IH

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    I spot an IH tshirt too :)

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      I think that's from a meetup in Melbourne if I remember correctly

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    It was great meeting fellow Indie Hackers in person, thanks again for organizing it! See you all at the next one!

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      Thanks for showing up!