"We're sorry to see you go" - roast my unsubscribe email!

This is for my newsletter https://internationalintrigue.substack.com/

Link is a two question google form about why they unsubscribed. A list of options for the first question, then a free form place to give feedback if they want.

What am I missing? Are these emails useful in your guys' experience?


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    Another idea: make the email from you, not the team.

    “Hi, I’m John the founder of ...
    The team and I are working to make the newsletter the best/most useful/helpful etc...
    I would be grateful if you could answer a simple question for me:

    What made you unsubscribe?

    I read every response personally... and will use your feedback to improve...


    I also put the question on a separate line and in bold to make it super clear.

    Last, I don’t know if you can do this on your web page but having the short text area form right there in the page will increase responses. Anytime users have to click through to another page, conversion rate drops.

    Hope this helps!

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      So helpful, and a great idea about the personal email - makes people feel like should help you out.. I'll see if I can code that form right in.

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        Yeah, people enjoy helping other people that they like... they don't enjoy helping "teams" or "companies" nearly as much.

        Glad to help and good luck!

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    You might get less unsubscribes if you explained a bit more about what the benefit of signing up for the newsletter on your landing page?

    Just navigating there, I have no clue what it is or why I'd want to signup. I get the idea of having a simple flow for a landing page but the highest converting ones I've seen (typically the click funnels dude) explains what he's selling and capitalizes on FOMO.

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      Actually, you were totally right. I went back and it turns out you can write a lot more in the '1 line description' than I thought. Thanks for the tip.

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      Sadly, Substack doesn't seem to let you do that. I am thinking about getting of Substack or at the very least spinning up a separate landing page and manually transferring signups. Couldn't agree more with you about the landing page though - perhaps when I get it up and running you can give me feedback ;) thanks for your comment.

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        Sure! I would love to help. My email address is in my profile.

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    Looks good. Perhaps move the crying emoji up after "We're really sorry to see you go!"

    Maybe add "brutally" in front of honest. If someone decided to click on the link to give feedback to begin with, it's unlikely they'd lie.

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      I disagree - it's not a crying emoji, it's a frustrated one, and it's referencing being frustrated w/ too many emails.

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      Thanks mate - I took out the brutally, because I wasn't sure. Great feedback!

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    I'm currently trialling this at the bottom of the email with a subscribe button below the text (bit cheeky but see if it works):

    'Did you hit the unsubscribe button accidently. Save your blushes and get straight back in there'

    Also seen this one on another newsletter which I thought was clever:

    'Did you forward one of our emails to a friend? I think they may have unsubscribed you'
    subscribe link

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      Haha I love it. Let me know if you get any feedback on it!

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    Make it more personal. Humor is okay. I like it too :)

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    I would love to hear your results of this. Will you report back?

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    Maybe add a mailto link as well? Give the unsubscriber multiple avenues to give feedback.

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