We (try to) start 7 SaaS companies in one day...

Our whole team at GoSquared are starting small/micro SaaS businesses tomorrow (12.01.21)...

Why? To understand our customers better, who are founders of small SaaS companies.

How? One of our team, Matt is leading the process and outlining the day. We've all cleared our schedules and have submitted ideas already.

The idea? One of our main goals as a team for Q1 will be to FEEL the problems of our potential users - we need to reset our mindset to focus on what they would focus on. Each of us should try and launch a business or side project in a day. (preferably a potential SaaS company). And have to demo it to the team by 5.30pm.

So that's 7 SaaS projects, in one day.

The schedule:

9:10am - Your project name and one sentence description needs to be posted in the slack channel
9:30am - Launch day Kick Off
2pm - You need to have a sharable website
4pm - You need to have shared your website publicly with potential users
5.30pm - Present what you have done today and your learning from the experience

Progress (and pitches!) to follow!

  1. 4

    Very interesting to see the results. Will you share here what your team built? If yes, please mention me.

    Good luck!

  2. 3

    OK just launched my SaaS proof of concept for the day! Screenshow – effortless recurring screenshots for your product: https://screenshow.io

    Very keen to get feedback! I may start a new thread on this...

  3. 3

    Cool project! Super curious how things work out. Good luck!

  4. 2

    Curious why you focus so much on building vs. promoting?

    1. 2

      We are focusing a lot on promoting and validating ideas. I think as the day has gone on we've all realised how important the promoting is....especially when it isn't actually promoting but is gathering feedback, and getting help refining the message!

  5. 2

    Love it, would like to do something like this in my company too!

    1. 1

      Will let you know how it goes!

  6. 1

    VERY excited to learn about this. I’d love an email list option to be updated!

    1. 1

      Hello! I'm going to write about the experience in our newsletter this week. You can sign up here :)


  7. 1

    Woo thats fast & furious 👌👏. I am in the process of makig my tool https://getautomator.com as SaaS product to give more flexibility. Lets see how it goes.

  8. 1

    Just to follow up from Beth's comment here – this is TERRIFYING! But also so exciting. So much energy in the team this morning buzzing with ideas.

    Will share my own idea shortly... Hopefully it'll be useful!

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