Remote Workers April 1, 2020

We want to help!

Max Goldenberg @goldenmax

We know that at this particular time, the way we are all working has changed. Maybe forever. We'll see.

The most important thing is that we are learning. Learning how to work remotely, how to accomplish our goals better and, probably more than ever, how to be on point with everything we do.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we know and understand that you and your team are focusing on keeping the expenses low, reducing any incremental spending. But we also know that you will need to work more efficiently.

We built Decision Mate to help. That was our mission from the start. So... we want to help, and we are going to help.

We are releasing a new free plan for 30 days for teams who want to work better, validate their instincts, test everything before going live.

You will be able to add as many team members as you want, create unlimited surveys, and share them with your core audience to get valuable feedback.

Just FYI: Our customers see more than 10X engagement compared with traditional text-based forms.

It is our way of walking with you at this particular moment. If you are interested, just go ahead and jump to As soon as I see you registered, I'll go ahead and update your account to extend the trial :)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions (whatever!!!!), send an email. I'll be here!


#StayAtHome #StaySafe

Ask anything using videos. Ask anything using Decision Mate.

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    ah, this looks really great! not in a position to use something like this right now but upvoting!

    so kind of you to do it!

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      Thanks! :)