Landing Page Feedback April 3, 2020

[Web3] Blockchain eBook -> MVP + Landing Page

Lukas Lukac @Web3Coach

After one year, I finished writing my blockchain eBook for software developers. ATM, I am still polishing the PDF but I already launched the landing page to start building the audience.

I have 0 followers on Twitter, just starting, so the main goal of the landing page is to provide value by giving away the first 6 ebook's chapters in exchange for signing into my Web 3.0 newsletter.

I would really appreciate your LP feedback:

PS: My first IndieHackers post! Looking forward to collaborate with other builders on this platform!

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    Hey, Lukas messaging is great and its on point ,but there is issues in design aspects.
    1.The shadow value of the button in the header is too much,you have used it to make the button stand out because the header section is white,yes the CTA is the primary thing,to make it stand out use the blue color for the button and make the text color white and reduce the shadow value and while hovering its vice-versa
    2.The intro section should be inside the view port i.e, the call to action must be inside the view port,so a visitor can be easily converted into a customer.
    3.The images and graphics used are too dull and it makes a bad impression on the page,images and graphics are important as much as the content,because a human brain can remember what it has visually seen more than what is read.
    There are free websites where you can get premium stock images
    For free illustrations and graphics
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    Hey Lucas, Your website looks great and its pretty clear how we get value from it, especially that you're offering a call too which would be especially helpful for me if i decide to pick up your book.

    But i see you're using GumRoad for accepting payments, I've been working on a product that helps people like you Indie Sellers / marketers sell directly from their landing page at

    We're launching in 2 weeks, could you check it out and provide some feedback as well ? Would you be interested in using SimpleFunnel ? Why ? Why Not ?

    I know i'm raining on your post with my own product but you are exactly our target user persona haha

    Thanks !

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      Yea a bold advertisement but I do have empathy because searching for the TA is a pain in the ass haha. I will checkout your page and leave you feedback under one of your project posts here this evening ;)

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        appreciate it, thanks !

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    Hey Lukas,

    Great work here! I like the flow of it. It feels modern and the information is distributed in a way that's not too overwhelming.

    Some suggestions in order of importance:

    • Find a copy editor who can revise your writing here. I think you do a good job of communicating your excitement around the technology, but there are many small grammatical mistakes and odd sounding bits that should be cleaned up, and there's not really a good way to fix these without enlisting a native english speaker.

    • In the What is Web3.0 section, center the elements so that the components are symmetrical

    • Add some room at the bottom of the page so that your contact link isn't right on the bottom

    Good luck!

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      Thanks! I will action the feedback. About the last point, I didn't want to draw too much attention to the contact link on purpose, as the CTA is to subscribe. WDYT?

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        What I'm suggesting is to replicate the amount of space above that contact link below the contact link so the bottom of the page has some room to breathe. I don't think this will draw more attention to it. I think it will actually draw less attention to it because there's something unsettling about an element being too close to the page border.

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          I see. My backend nature has a special way of thinking about frontend haha. Will fix it!

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    Where can I read the syllabus of the book?

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      Hi Paul! There is a Table of Content at the bottom of the page with a specific learning per chapter.

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    Hello Lukas, last year I preordered a course from you, but that course was not released. is this the same course? the site I ordered from was, but it's not working currently

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      Hi Anirs! It is a completely new book. The site will be redirected in the next days/weeks together with its courses under this new project once I validate the copy and if everything works. Sorry for temporal troubles, I had to cancel Thinkific because I wasn't satisfied with the way the lectures were displayed for my students and it cost 450$/year.

      I will migrate that course to a different platform and send later a personal email to all students who purchased it with how to login to the new platform. That course btw will be part of the "Step 5" from this LP.

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        I see, thank you Lukas! and good luck :D

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          Hey Anirs, sorry it's going to take bit longer to migrate. Can you write me on LinkedIn and I will send you a temporary URL where u can access the RAW course in case you are eager to learn!

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          Thx! Any feedback btw about this landing page? Would love to hear it from an existing student with already an interest in blockchain :)

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    "developers are bored still writing HTTP endpoints and querying MySQL DB"
    This part hit home for me. I don't know what I'd ever do with blockchain, but that line made me sign up.

    The copy above the fold, however, reinforced my preconception that blockchain isn't something I should spend time learning. I'm not great with writing, so I don't have anything detailed I could say about why it affected me like that, but everything after that did get my really interest.

    I would either say figure out a way to expand the kickass copy from below the fold up, or take the 'Why to learn blockchain NOW?" section and put it as the headline section with the email form beneath it.

    Also, not sure if this is a legit grammar error or not, but colloquially native english speakers would never say "Why to learn x now?", just "Why learn x now."

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      Thanks for the detailed feedback David!

      The "developers are bored still writing HTTP endpoints and querying MySQL DB" feels very controversial to me but I did put it there as I feel it's the reality for many devs because it was the same for me. Do you think I should put this line above the big subscribe form at the bottom?

      Let me see if I understand you well, you think the "current header + what is web3" part isn't very interesting and should be replaced with "Why learn blockchain now"? Because developers out of the blockchain industry don't understand the use-cases and advantages right? And to don't loose people in the first half of the page, u would place it right at the beginning.

      Is this what you mean? :)

      Thanks again for detailed feedback!

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        For me, the reason I never learned blockchain isn't the fact that people say its just hype and that its difficult - which seems like what you are focusing on above the fold.
        My issue is I have a list of technologies that I feel like I NEED to learn in order to be the best web developer I can be, so difficulty was never a consideration. The issue of relevancy is.
        I really like the part about Web 3.0 - it solved my "this isn't relevant to my career path" preconception. Its simple, and it really focuses my attention. The whole reason I got into tech is because I want to be on the cutting edge - if Web 3.0 is here, I don't want to be wasting time on ancient 2.0 tech!
        The part about suffering through those god awful API payloads and endpoints took me from "Damn, I should get on board before the ship leaves" to "Is this why my job sucks?"
        The only problem from my user experience is that the top of the page doesn't make me want to see what's below, and everything below is what made me want to try out blockchain.

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          David! You just earned yourself my product (the 5 steps there fore free). I will be contacting you over the email. Super useful feedback.

          One follow up question. From my previous experience trying to promote blockchain, I got a lot of resistance from developers because they were saying it's just a hype. As they didn't understand it and only heard about it from media and we all know how useless medias are. That's why I thought I would address this problem right away in the header with:

          Look, I know you think blockchain sucks, and it's just a hype but forget everything you heard from social media.
          Blockchain joins together a new set of fascinating programming design patterns useful for any software developer.

          But, are you saying this isn't very effective and you would suggest that I make the header focus on the "cutting edge, ship is leaving, this is useful for your career"? as I do at the bottom fold of the page.

          And even though it's bit "controversial" it's true and it actually resonates with others.

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            One additional comment, when I saw the references on your website to your book's protagonist, I thought there was just gonna be a video series with your cofounder Andrej to go with the book.
            I really like the narrative approach to the book, and I think you should definitely make it more clear that its a fun-to-read narrative that shows real-world use of blockchain through the growth of your antagonist's business venture.
            I think we're pretty sick of the "Hey guys! Lesson X of How To Build Y With Z!" approach to teaching - effective as that format is.
            Also, thank you so much for the full book! The first six chapters had me invested in learning more about the tech and how the antagonist will continue to improve his USP. I'm grateful you found my feedback helpful!

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            Personally, I tend to think that every new thing that expands in a new direction is just empty hype until its shown to be useful and of more efficiency than the previous standard. So, with blockchain, that was my assumption to begin with.
            It wasn't until I read the free part of your book I started thinking otherwise. I can't speak for others, but I don't personally think that a webpage saying "this is legit - trust me" could ever be super convincing.
            What made me want to learn more was the idea that I could apply the knowledge to gain some of the benefits you listed. It made me think "I didn't know blockchain was a paradigm shift, I just thought it was a overly complicated way of building databases." I'm still not convinced, but that's part of the value proposition of your product, right? There's plenty of places I can go just to learn blockchain, but you promised to show me why its useful as we go. When I started coding, I learned a technology I'll never use and I think that's a mistake a lot of programmers make. Any time there's a new tech for me to learn, I think "Yeah, probably never gonna use it like when I learned X" My thought process is, "explain how I could ever benefit from this, then start proving that with real-world examples, then once I'm convinced continue to beat me over the head with proof of its usefulness, then I'm open to actually learning."
            I think the reason that each individual developers has for why he/she starting coding might have a really big impact on whether they would consider learning it. I'm self taught - not because I don't like college - but because I wanted to learn how to make cutting edge products and/or services, and I didn't want to wait 4 years to start when everyone says you can learn comp sci on your own in 1 year.
            For people who went into the field for a "stable job and good income," I doubt you could ever convince them to try blockchain until there's a lot of companies hiring for it and it becomes what I hear people refer to as "a stable career path."

            That being said, to answer your question, yes.
            I don't think you can convince users that blockchain isn't all hype, but I think you can count on your users being biased towards thinking, "Yes, it is all hype," and try to work with that rather than against it. I think addressing that early is good (its easier to listen to you when you know my opinion), but when that's the only thing I see after I click the link, I have no reason to scroll onward and then become convinced. I see it, think "this guy is teaching blockchain," and click off because I have no idea that blockchain could ever directly add value to my life.
            Your website is convincing because it said "blockchain is changing the way the internet works, so become an early adopter, and profit greatly or learn it when its the standard, and keep your same position."

            1. 2

              I am blown away by your generosity to help me out. I will go carefully this evening and next days though all the feedback, implement it and then I will get back to you. It may take a bit :) THANKS! Add me on LinkedIn meanwhile and if u need anything I am happy to return the favor:

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              I agree with all you said. Actually, I had a similar journey and left university twice because I had irresistable job offers and wanted to work on interesting projects with new technology.

              The feedback is almost all incorporated and I will be releasing new version of the landing page this morning!

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                I think its a journey most entrepreneur types go through. It almost seems cliche when I hear it on the podcast.
                Can't wait to see the new landing page, dude!

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                  Released! Check it out please :)

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                    I'm really impressed with the improvement. The design work alone is crazy better! Its also much more clear what I get from it. I can tell now within a couple seconds and zero scrolling that I get a book that's easier to read than most tech books and some code to play around with.

                    The value prop feels genuine and WAY less pushy. Instead of "Hey, buy this because 1. the tech isn't bullshit, and 2. you'll benefit from it" its sounds now like "This is a book that'll open doors for you, and not only will it teach you how to use this tech, it'll teach you its use cases as well through my narrative." Then seeing Book + Source Code makes it clear I'll get some bonus boilerplate too.

                    There's one that that is unclear to me.
                    Your step 5 - is that included in the program, or an add-on to be bought later?
                    The way its put in the 5 steps section suggests that it is included, but it not being mentioned along with the book and github repo makes me wonder if it's a second transaction. The three go together so well. The book and code is a great package, but the book, code, and your first production level app? That's an even more compelling offer. I can't see an offer that can top that except maybe offering help getting a job, but that's basically the purpose of building the app in first place, right?

                    Two more minor things I noticed:

                    1. The cards in "Personal Benefits" have
                      cursor: pointer;
                      set in class "seo_service_item" which implies something should happen when I click it, but nothing does. The styling changes :onhover are great, but the cursor I'd change it to
                      ... {
                      cursor: default;
                    2. Kinda the same, the cards in "The Blockchain Way of Programming v1.0 LTS Index" have the same thing going on, only I'd change it to
                      ...:onhover {
                      cursor: grab;
                      ...:active {
                      cursor: grabbing;
                      because I wasn't aware you could do anything with the carousel until I started clicking around.

                    Great improvement! I can't wait to finish the book tomorrow and dive into some code!

                    1. 1

                      Hmmm good point. I fixed CSS. About the pricing, it's actually not included. It's the next step, level 2, part of my private coaching. Instead of showing popup, I will redirect to the Gumroad website and over there I will display 3 different pricing options to make it crystal clear. They just released it but the feature seems buggy atm so i need to wait a few days to do it. Meanwhile will focus this weekend on the book content.

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    Congrats on the launch, and your first post.

    Just signed up :)

    1. 1

      Oh incredible! Thank you a lot! You are officially the first subscriber :) How was the user flow of getting the ebook? PS: From my gratitude I will give u later the full ebook as a gift for being the special first non-forced-friend :)

      1. 1

        Awesome haha I've been meaning to learn more blockchain stuff. Email worked great. Good luck with the journey!

        1. 1

          Oh that's perfect. What did you think about the "Why to learn blockchain" section? I am bit unsure about the wording there :)

          1. 1

            Highly convincing, would advocate moving some of that copy near the sign up button. IMO Personal improvement/economic reward is the biggest value prop for developers

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