May 3, 2019

Websites that provide free images

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

On a thread @Merott mentioned as a place he got an image he used for his website.

I've stumbled upon many of these kind of sites in the past, but never saved them. :( I thought it would be useful to me and others to create a list of these.

What sites would you recommend?

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    Thank you Rosie for the mention!

    Here are a few other places that I looked for illustrations:

    What I like about the designs at is that they're a bit vague without being completely nonsense. That lets visitors use their own imagination and draw meanings that are personal to them.

    Shameless plug... here's my website:

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    Hands down Unsplash for free, high-quality images 🙌 They have been so useful to me over the years and their UI is just super clean and simple.

    Not sure if icons qualify but Flaticon offers a great catalog of free to use (when credit) icons that really add to a website.

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      LOVE flaticon...

      Maybe doesn't count since I believe they are an aggregate of a lot of what's been mentioned, but there's also

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        Good point. Still incredibly useful but also nice to highlight the more specific platforms as well. 👍

  3. 2 - just a no-brained ;)

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    In addition to previous comments.

    Designmodo Market - (premium selected illustrations) - (absolutely free photos for commercial use)

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    The gold standard is obviously for high quality stock photos.

    For drawings, I'm a fan of - great range, easy to adapt, regularly updated. also has some drawings. More details, less range so far.

    A fellow indie hacker runs --> these are the highest quality designs I've come across, but not too much variety yet. He offers great paid upsells for edits etc though.

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      Thanks so much for mentioning DrawKit @louisswiss that's made my day 😊 (sorry I only just saw this!) Yess I'm drawing as quickly as I can to build out the library 👍

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