Daily Stand-up March 13, 2019

Wednesday Edition: #Daily-Stand-Up

Janice @Janice


That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of March.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.

04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.


05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!


  1. 5

    01: EPIC

    Design, build and deploy a small, free web app which helps business owners craft better customer support emails. The goal is to build a real-world, useful product while honing my JavaScript skills.


    Wrapped up writing all content snippets, phew. Added a function which removes the Next Steps options if Solution is set to false.

    03: TODAY

    Marshmellow MVP is pretty much done! Now I just need to write a little README file and upload the repository on Github and let it breathe. I'll review over the next few days whether it's worth building on the MVP depending on feedback. Next goal as of later today/tomorrow: start my Typescript course.

    05: WIP


  2. 5

    2019 Goals for Magnus Rush

    • 50 Augmented Podcasts: (4/50) 8%
    • 12k MAU for the App: (0/12k)

    March Epics
    (Stats from Clubhouse.io)
    Milestone: Soft Launch: 42% Complete

    • [Epic] Launch Marketing: 39% Complete
    • [Epic] SaaS MVP3: 65% Complete
    • [Epic] App MVP3: 34% Complete


    • Moved the needle a little bit :)
    • Decreased scope for public release to course correct for a decrease in available time to work this week
    • Fixed iOS Background Mode
    • Tried to fix SSL certs


    • Day job deadline
    • Fix SSL certs which will expire this month


    • @Harlem on getting over that LAUNCH LINE

    WIP of the Magnus Rush podcast app and podcast augmenting platform

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      And good luck with your day gig deadline!

    2. 1

      Renewing SSL certificates is so tedious! It'll feel good getting it out of the way though I'm sure. Good luck with the deadline too!

      1. 3

        Let's encrypt and an auto-renewing mechanism has saved us a lot of time!

        1. 3

          Crazy that the free SSL provider is also the easiest to use! haha

        2. 1

          That’s what I use lol, but I also did it too quickly and used an experimental integration without taking better notes on what I did. I have a feeling I am going to need to blow it away and start from scratch with standalone.

  3. 5


    By end of March:


    • Starte writing our 4th post in our blog on how we used our product to make our product better
    • Continued working on our Zendesk integration
    • Tweaked our Slack notification system
    • Added Notification Settings page
    • Added mail-notification mechanism


    • Continue with Zendesk integration

    As always, we are accepting early access requests

    KUDOS: @Harlem for keeping up this standup thread!!

    1. 1

      My pleasure!

      How goes the march toward beta release? Are you on track?

  4. 5


    By end of 2019:

    5K MR

    By end of March:

    • 💥💥💥Launched 12 March 2019.💥💥💥(Will share during end of month retro)
    • Publish 18 articles. (18/18 determined, 6/18 written, 1/18 published)
    • Conduct 3 landing page experiments with a minimum CTR of 2.69%.
    • Increase organic growth from 0 to 11 persons.
    • Persuade an additional 15 influencers to contribute posts. (9/15)


    • Polished Blog and Contact page.
    • Optimized posts for mobile.
    • Lots of back and forth with retouchers and illustrators.
    • Followed up with 2 influencers.


    • Optimize Blog and Contact pages for mobile.
    • Timebox polishing How To post.
    • Add illustrations to How To post.
    • Automate social.

    KUDOS: @jimbol for fighting the retention fight!

    1. 3

      INSERT ROCKET PIC HERE!! Woot! Grats on getting to launch :)

      1. 1

        Thank you, kind sir!

    2. 2

      Anxious to see your end-of-month results :) Hope everything is going well with the test!

      1. 2

        Haven't started the experiments just yet. But should be positioned to do so next week! Keep sending the good vibes!

    3. 2

      Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more at retro :)

      1. 1

        Thank you, kind madame! Here's hoping for retro good news!

  5. 4

    Very good way of controlling work progress and a start a work day without endlessly thinking what should I do today

    1. 1

      We hope you join in!

  6. 3


    1. 2019
      • $50K annual revenue
    2. March
      • Get a remote job.
      • Get 20 people to say this is not a real problem & reject my value proposition.
      • Get 10 customers to confirm a real problem.
      • Schedule customer interviews/calls.


    • Schedule job interviews.
    • Job hunting
    • More sales/keyword research to find niches.


    • My daily customer/sales/keyword research to find niches.
    • Schedule/do job interviews.

    WIP Mindful

    site note
    I'm going to be like a broken record w/ my tasks until I find what I need. Trying to see customer pain differently by not being so quick to dismiss.

    1. 2

      "site note" - I see what you did there!

      1. 1

        Girl, you give me too much credit... clearly, I can't spell. LOL, what did you think I was saying/implying?

        1. 1

          (Laughing!) I thought it was just a play on "side"!

  7. 3


    By end of March:

    • Continue push to get out of beta.
      • Need to quantify this and set a deadline this month.
    • From January(!): Solidify next steps for getting some beta users and feedback.
    • 3 new blog posts.
    • Create a new release.

    Past however many days:

    • Paid for music license and finally pushed the new landing page to the home page.
    • Resubmitted to beta list.
    • Minor bug fixes and pushes.

    Next few days:

    • Create a new release and document process.
    • Add due dates, time est., and similar fields to the app.

    WIP: https://brisaboards.com/

    1. 2

      How was the overall feedback re new landing page? Did you solidify beta tester steps?

      1. 1

        Very little feedback about the redesign. No big deal. And obviously not enough visitors for any sort of a/b testing. I'll keep refining it over time, but based on 0 data haha.

        I don't have any genius ideas about getting beta testers. I resubmitted to beta list and I'll cross my fingers that they accept me and I can get some gauge of interest.

        The other things I've thought about and written down are resubmitting on r/opensource when enough has changed, and reaching out to some smaller sites to see if they'd be interested in reviewing the app.

        I still think about rebranding completely as brisa.io every week or so. If I'm gonna do that, the earlier the better :)

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